Planning ADR day line-up - I'm overthinking

I’m set to start ADRs on Nov 1. An early start to an already busy scheduled day, whew!
Please throw in all thoughts on the order I should aim for on Nov 1 with these items in mind.
1 - Day 1 is Dec 31 and we are hoping to just ride the monorail and maybe see lounges/bars or just get the beautiful views of the resorts.
2- 8 Full park days, RD to Fireworks.
3- We are doing each park 2 days, 1 table service each day but may 2 days. Overkill, maybe, but we don’t know if or when we will go back based on current rising prices.
4- Only 2 adults, we have Park Hopper.
5 - We are not picky about times or order of days.
6 - I have also set alerts on MouseDining and 2 on TP for Fantasmic Packages.

Jan 1 and Jan 5
MK - CRT and BOG

Jan 2 and Jan 6
HS - HBD or Mama Melrose
Probably just 1 TS here, but would really love HBD with a Fantasmic Package.

Jan 3 and Jan 8
EP - Space 220 or Lounge and Rose & Crown

Jan 4 and Jan 7
AK - Tiffins and Yak & Yeti

Jan 9
DS - Homecomin’

I already knew a couple of our choices would be tricky, not impossible, but tricky. Now, throwing in Fantasmic Packages, I’m all in a tizzy looking at crowds during holidays and Marathon Week.

I have always found the info here valuable, so I’m excited to hear the thoughts!

I’m currently scheduling in our 60+10 window. I’m scheduling for a party of 10 so I’m sure you’ll have an easier time - and mine hasn’t been too tough.

I’d first try for Space 220 on Jan 8th.

The good news for you is that the Fantasmic Dining Packages did not completely open today (not all restaurants submitted their table availability for the full open window - I was trying Sci-Fi and '50’s for 1/2, but they weren’t open). The bad news is that the HBD was available and therefore probably got hit harder than would normally be the case.

BOG is bigger and has more availability than CRT so I’d put CRT in the #2 spot for 1/5, then BOG as #3 for 1/1 (the alerts may be your best bet for this one).

I’d try for Tiffins next, then Homecomin’. You should have an easier time getting ADRs after the families go back to school on the 2nd or 3rd.

For NYE, I recommend a Dole Whip on the beach of the Poly to see the MK fireworks.

Good luck!


Thank you! It never occurred to me that we could sit at beach at the Poly and watch the fireworks. I love this idea.
Thank you also for the thoughts on the line-up, I appreciate your time!! I hope your trip is wonderful!!

I’m not sure how you could check, but it dawned on me that for NYE they may only allow guests of the Poly on the beach. Maybe call the resort directly? Or try to get a late Kona ADR for 1/31?

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Ohhh, yes, good point.