Planning a secret trip

Hello all!
We’ve been back from our December trip, now, for like 3 months, and I’m dying to start planning another trip. I tried to stay away from the boards, but recently had two friends post pictures on facebook, and I just. can’t. stay. away.
I can’t bring myself to tell anyone in real-life that I NEED to go again… at least not yet. So, I’m thinking about trying to plan a trip, to get my Disney fill, even if we don’t actually go. Am I just the craziest?

I’d really like to go May 2020, so it’s a decent time to start planning. We usually rent DVC points, so 11 months out isn’t all that far away. We usually go in October, but went early December this last year. Will May be a shock for us? Kids are out of school the Friday before Memorial Day, so we’d probably have to wait until then to go.
Plus, I wonder if we should create some buffer. We had 10 (yes TEN) weather days this year and I wonder if they’ll do something different next year to deal with that possibility again.

Anyway, mostly just wanted to say hi again and that I’m itching for another trip. {{sigh}} Disney.


I did this. :slight_smile:
It helped scratch the itch to plan and now it has subsided even tho our plans shifted to something else.

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You’re not crazy. Or if you are, then I am too. I plan “pretend” trips all the time! Or like “maybe” trips that I never take. It helps me get through tough days at work :wink:


I’m actually hoping this will turn into a real trip, someday! I just can’t tell anyone yet. :laughing:

Even if not next May, maybe the May after that. I need a way to convince hubby that May 2020 is a good idea.

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I just clicked on this hoping that my husband created an account as @emcglone

Darn. Nonetheless, I hope your trip comes true!



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