Planning a Feb Break trip... This is a first for me!

No, not going to Disney. Or even planning a trip. Or going solo!

It’s HOW this one’s booked.

For the first time I’m using a travel agent, so there is only so much I can to to the reservation - I can make my ADRs (done I think…) and my FPPs (December 20 is my day), but no changing the resort over and over, etc.

It’s good for me, I know…but at the same time it’s almost making me twitchy. LOL.

Anyhoo… Here are my plans as they are now…

fly down “Disney Race Early” (IOW flight leaves at 5:30am)
DME to AKL - drop bag in room if available, store with bell services if not (I don’t airline check unless I have to)
over to Epcot
4:45 ADR @ Garden Grill with the Festival of the Arts Dining Package
8pm Disney on Broadway (or whatever they’re calling it) concert
Illuminations - assuming the concert is out so that I can get a viewing spot

Animal Kingdom (with EMH at 8am)
3:15 - Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour

9:30am Cape May Cafe (will this be enough time to walk from Epcot or should I take a Lyft over?)
Epcot (with EMH until 11:00pm)
Illuminations at 9:00

Magic Kingdom (with EMH until 10pm)
8:05am Be Our Guest
2:00pm Skipper Canteen
HEA at 8:00

Animal Kingdom
9:00am Boma
4:45pm Tiffins

2/23 - departure day
Disney Springs in the morning
2:40pm Sanaa lunch
hang at hotel until DME which will probably be 5:30-6:00ish

Whee!! Super excited!!

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Nice that you are doing that Night adventure at AK!

Your plans sound like much fun!

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Thanks! I’m excited! I might change to AoA - depends on what my travel agent finds out on Monday. I love AKL, but I’m really not going to be in the room all that much. We shall see…

And yes! As soon as I heard about the thing at AKL, I was like “Unless it’s ridiculously expensive, I’m in!” I don’t have to super stress about FPP/Pandora, and IF I need to sleep in a little and miss EMH, it’s not a huge deal.

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We are staying All Star Music because we are not resort dwellers either. We did upgrade to Deluxe Dining though. Tiffins is one of our stops too!


That is definitely a thought if she can change me (I see it available if I look on my own…and I know it was crazy-week when she was doing this reservation (Opening Week for Disney Cruise Line’s latest round of itineraries), so I’m hoping she just missed the quote for that in my initial email.) - because when I look on my own, it appears AoA with DDP would still be less than AKL with DP.

It’ll be a first for me at all the restaurants other than Cape May and Boma. Though if I do change, Boma and Sanaa may get dropped because that would be a lot of extra travel, and on the last day I’d have luggage with me too probably.

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We are trying Boma for breakfast for the first time. Have been for dinner.

I am thinking about doing Sanaa for lunch on our departure day. Will talk to the hubby today to see if he wants to do that. We only fly out at 8:00 that night.

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My family did Boma for breakfast a few years ago when we stayed at AKL over Feb break. Yummy!!!

Yeah, my flight is at like 9:18 or something, so I guess I could do it and still get back to AoA to get the luggage. We’ll see.

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That’s what I was thinking. I have a couple more days than you do as well. Makes the touring a little less hectic.

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Yeah. I’m not really stressing the touring bit…I try to not go commando and just pick a few faves to focus on. We’ll see how it goes.

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Couple of changes…

Now staying at AoA (couldn’t beat the price difference for the small amount of time i’ll be in the room).

Keeping Sanaa lunch for now, but canceled Boma breakfast. It’s yummy, but that’s a lot of back-and-forthing.