Planning a Beach Side Trip Tied to WDW visit

I am contemplating a June 2020 WDW trip where we stay on property for three nights, drive to daytona for three nights and then return to WDW for three nights.

Has anyone done a trip like this? Is it a bad idea or did it go well? I would be travelling with a 12 and 8 year old. I think a break from the parks could be good. I also think that this would present an opportunity to hit two seperate properties. I am concerned that it may be too much on one trip. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Breaking up the trip sounds good in some respects, but is entirely dependent on what your family likes. I think a break is nice to reset, but we’ve planned a few resort days vice a whole different trip. A few things to note:

  1. You now have 2, 3-day stays. For fastpass and ADR reservations, depending on your goals, this may not be optimal.

  2. Your 6 day tickets are good for only 9 days, so don’t extend any of your days at the beach or resorts, etc…

  3. Additional days tickets at the park will be relatively inexpensive (ie the 7/8/9 days would be cheaper on a per-day basis than the first 6.) You might consider more Disney days rather than beach.

  4. Check-in and check-out days are annoying. A little less so when u have a car to store luggage, but still limiting your ability to come back in middle of days for breaks, if that is your jam…

I haven’t split a trip but we did do a beach trip at the end of our stay in June just south of Daytona and it was perfect. It made leaving WDW much less depressing. A nice transition of sorts. It also made the week feel longer to me.