Planning 2 days at Universal in October

I will be in Universal Orlando for 2 days with DH, DS8 and DD11 on the 10/28 and 10/29 CL4. The parks have early closing on 10/29 5pm US and 6pm IOA for HHN. I am staying offsite and have park hopper tickets but am happy to get Express Pass for one of the days.

We want to focus on Harry Potter but would like to see the highlights of the rest of the parks too. We won’t be riding the big coasters Hulk, RRR and I am not sure about Mummy or Hagrid’s.

How should I plan the two days? Should I start with IOA with express pass the move onto Harry Potter for the second half of the first day (both sides if we can) or is it better to be in the Harry Potter areas first thing and leave IOA until we are done there (but then we miss out on seeing Diagon Alley at night)? In US outside of Harry Potter I think we only want to see DM, MiB, Simpson’s, ET and Shrek, maybe Mummy if we are feeling brave plus Animal actors and the Horror Make up shows. I am not sure if there will be a parade during HHN.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Do all the WWOHP stuff first. The crowds just build up all day. (Why can’t you go back during the night too?)

Mummy is a great ride. It goes about as fast as Big Thunder Mountain at WDW - if that helps ease your anxiety. (I wouldn’t call it a “big” coaster, but it probably one of my all time favorites!)

With Express Pass you’ll be able to zip through the lines. Whenever I make a TP for USF / IOA it’s more of a checklist than a itinerary.

The Horror Make-up show is a “must see”!

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Thanks for the advice.

You said I could go back to Diagon Alley at night but it looks like the Hogwart Express train stops at 5pm. Is it possible to walk between the 2 WWOHP areas and how long would that take? I thought I would be stuck on the IOA side after 5 pm. Do you need to go out of the main entrance or is there a ‘cut through’?


My apologies. I wasn’t thinking about HHN. I had just woke up this morning when I wrote that post.

As far as experiencing any of WWOHP at night, the sun won’t be setting until about 6:45pm. So, I don’t think you’ll get to see it on this trip if you aren’t participating in HHN.

To get between each WWOHP -
You have to exit the parks and walk around CityWalk if HE isn’t operating. There’s no direct way to walk directly between the WWOHP areas. I’ve done this a few times, but during HHN I don’t recommend it. There will be crowds waiting to get into HHN.

(I’d do it any other time of the year though. It takes me about 20 minutes to leave one WWOHP area, exit that park, go through the other park’s Main Gate and back to the other WWOHP)

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