Planner problems

I almost missed a vet appointment because I was fiddling with our ADRs and my Google calendar was set to the wrong time zone.

What ridiculousness have you gotten up to because of trip planning?


I once delayed the carpool pick-up line because I received a text from the touring plans reservation finder that they had found my 6:00pm 'Ohana reservation. Didn’t feel like I could delay in nabbing that, much to the dismay of all of the cars behind me.


Kept my kids up 90 minutes past their bedtime the other night fiddling with TPs. Walked out of meeting to grab a ADR from the reservation finder.

@Gnatjo - that is hilarious. At our school, you would have been shamed on social media :slight_smile:


I’ve definitely left a meeting to grab an ADR as well! You never know when that alert is going to come across!


I’m honestly surprised they did not call the cops on me (or maybe they did and I was already gone by the time they got there!). I’m anti-phone while driving, so clearly the responsible thing to do in that moment was to remain at a stop until I could log-in and nab the reservation. However, a two minute delay in the carpool pick-up line is like hours. I probably deserved some public shaming!


Did you get the Adr?


I’m a teacher - last year I was literally teaching students and had just asked the class a question. Told them to take a minute to think about their response… secretly I used that minute to claim and ADR my the reservation finder has just texted me about.


My fp window opened the day I was in hospital having surgery. I refused the painkillers they wanted me to take until I had them booked because they were supposed to help me sleep :joy:


And last night picked up kids late from day camp as I pulled off the road to nab an ADR right when the text came through. I live in a rural area so finding a place to stop was a little interesting, but the DD7 shall have her breakfast with Goofy. :smile:

That finder is the best little widget of technology ever.


Heck yeah I did!

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