Planet Hollywood

We are 180 days out and I am looking over my plan. We want to dine at Planet Hollywood but it is not open currently. It will be open when we are there. How come we cannot make reservations yet and when will we be able to for this restaurant? Anyone know?

They will not have ADRs until they know exactly when then will open.

I believe they are starting their remodel to turn it into the Observatory, I haven’t seen anything about opening dates yet but I’m sure info will be posted when that happens.

Here is some info on it.

Thanks for the responses. I’m not sure why I automatically assumed the remodel would be finished in October. The design looks really cool and I hope is done soon. Thanks again all.

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I’m sure it will be very popular when it first reopens because everyone will want to see the new design. But if they don’t fix the mediocre food and bad service that had been the earmarks of the original incarnation, it won’t remain very popular for very long - especially with all of the new really good food options that are now there and will be opening soon.


Why go to a chain restaurant when there are so many interesting choices at WDW?

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We have gone twice in the past and actually enjoyed the food and the experience. We have made several reservations at other places but thought we would return to what we liked before.

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You aren’t alone, I liked it. I worked there many many years ago and I liked several of the things on their menu. It was tasty junk food, which is one one should eat on vacation. Book what you guys like not what everyone tells you to lol.

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Please don’t eat at Planet Hollywood! It’s a glorified Applebees!
So overpriced and everything is frozen before its made. Blehhhh

What’s wrong with Applebees?

@Outer1 Nothing…but IMHO Disney is starting to have choices that are fresher and far more nutritious than frozen mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders.
If someone likes Applebees more power to them!

I do like Applebee’s also. Heck its got a fruit in its name it can’t be that bad.

I’m with you lol… that’s were we went for dinner last night!