Planes 2 and the WL

Saw Planes 2 today and while I know WL is based on lodges around the country and that is what they were going for in a particular movie scene, all I could see was my happy place. It looked JUST like the lobby and was making me very happy.

Always love seeing things that remind me of my happy place. How was the movie?

Cute. Son loved it, husb liked better than first and I am a sucker for anything fire fighter cause I am the daughter of a retired fireman.

I mean, it was no Frozen or Toy Story but it was good for the demographic and kept us interested smile

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Yes we saw it a drive in and as soon as it came on DW and I both said Wilderness Lodge. I know that WL was based on Old Faithful Inn and I saw a write up on Old Faithful in a magazine a couple of years ago and thought it was WL at first. Amazing how close they got it.