Plane Tickets?

My flight leaves Thursday morning and I have not received an email with plane tickets. I have an email with a confirmation number and the flight info and seats, but nothing with a barcode or anything that says it’s a ticket. Should I be panicking as much as I am right now? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The don’t print tickets anymore, I recently emailed my travel agent regarding the same thing. The confirmation is all you need. We leave Sunday, hope we all have a great trip!!

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Oh, thank you! I was sick to my stomach worrying over it! lol I appreciate the quick response. I was hoping that it was because everything is electronic now, but I just freak out. Put ALOT of effort into this trip! lol

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You use that confirmation number to get your boarding pass. Most airlines have an app, that you can use to check in, then download your boarding pass to display to TSA and the gate agent. Alternatively, you can print a hard copy at home or the airport. Check your airline’s website, to see when you can/should check in online.


Building on @stuckinbmode’s good advice - most airlines will let you check-in 24 hours before your flight from either an app or PC. Depending on the airline you can pay your luggage fees etc. at this time and print your boarding pass(es) or have them downloaded to your phone.

Typically they’ll send an email around that 24 hour mark as a reminder, but being proactive isn’t a bad idea as some airlines like Southwest will board you based on when you checked in…

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