Plan won't add our meal?

I’m guessing it’s a glitch, but I’m trying to make my first draft of our Epcot plan and it keeps putting the meal all the way at the end then telling me it’s n/a. I’ve tried moving it up several times and it keeps putting it at the end. I know it’s been a while, but can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Here’s a link:

My guess is that it will not fit? You have no free time. Did you try to delete steps?

No, because it was my first attempt.

Look at your times- I think there is too much ?

I added a FP for Soarin at 3 & I deleted more than half the pavilions and it still won’t move. I’m just going to delete the entire plan and try again another day. Thank you anyway. I thought maybe because I was rusty and haven’t done a plan in months I was doing something wrong.

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I know it’s a dumb suggestion, but even when you hit Optimize and not Evaluate it puts it at the end?
This is a plan I’d just manually adjust:

  • After Character Spot, walk or take boat across to Italy and take in the pavilion before supper.
  • Then, swing back around the lake to Mexico.
  • Finally, stroll over to the UK and take in France if you have time.

Yes, I even moved it all the way to the first step of the plan and & whenever I hit optimize it moves to the very end.
We don’t plan to do much there that day, but I wanted to see the difference in times if we went in the morning, then back to hotel to swim & then back for dinner. To me that sounds like such a hassle. Trying to weigh the pros and cons!
I have plenty of time to play around.