Plan with N/A N/A N/A - then a ride after posted close time?

Hello all -

A friend of mine who is new to TP is making her plans for her upcoming trip. She is doing a personalized plan, in this case we are talking about Animal Kingdom. She had put in all of her desired attractions and diversions. It seemed she had too many, as a bunch were coming up with arrival/wait/duration/etc times of N/A. But, after several “N/A” attractions, it then had her doing a ride (we’ll say Kali) 2 hrs after posted closing time.

Why does the program do this, rather than just ending the plan where it needs to (closing time) and indicating she doesn’t have time for all of that? And, how does it decide which ones to “N/A”?

I sorted her out - we removed a bunch of things and all the N/A is gone now. So this is more of a question of curiosity and a “how does the program work/make decisions” kind of a question than a “fix my plan” kind of question (because I already helped her do that :wink: )


I have to say that in all of the TPs I’ve done, I’ve never seen an “N/A” show up. I HAVE seen attractions come out after park closing - but that’s usually an indication of too many attractions, and you’ll usually get a green bar on the the top of the TP, after optimizing, that says you may not be able to do everything you planned.

The bit of “strangeness” that I’ve gotten a number of times is having a TP come back and tell me that there isn’t enough time to complete all of my attractions - but I’ll have a 200-plus min block of “free time” in the middle of the day…

The program is mind-bogglingly complex and sometimes “glitches”. I have found that when something odd like this happens, hitting the optimize or evaluate button a few times typically clears it.

One other thing to check is if you entered the correct AM/PM for FPPs, ADRs, and Breaks. If you mess up on one of those, you can get some REALLY strange results…


I have a MNSSHP plan starting at 4 that tells me to go to the FOF parade at 3 it’s not for a few months so haven’t worried about it too much yet