Plan Review and Feedback

Hey everyone! I am curious to hear what you think about this plan. It is day 1 of a 2 day touring plan at MK. Party of 4 including DW, DH, DS7, and DS5. Very relaxed walking speed.

The boys are first timers to Disney, so we thought we’d start off slow with Small World and the Carrousel first, after an ADR at BOG. We may look to jump in line for 7DMT before the rope drop. And yes, we bought some additional FPs.

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Sounds like your family will have a great time!

We did not have a PPO ADR but I had not realized some rides open before rope drop - I thought the PPO ADR just let you get to the front of the line for when they drop the rope.

Main thought is that you seem to back track a good amount with when you have TSI right now, then back for the dance party then back again to Frontierland which is where the boat for TSI is.

Another option could be the train after barnstormer and doing the splash or BTMRR when you get off there then TSI in between the two then pirates then the dance party.

Also I would do a plug for Philharmagic. My 6 year old LOVED it.

yes, good catch. When I first made this plan about a month ago I though that the parade actually went by Frontierland, and we planned to catch it there, but it looks like it does not. Okay, back to make some modifications… thanks for your help!

Doesn’t the festival of fantasy start just after that though at 3 (maybe not all days?)? If so that does go through where you will be. We thought it was an amazing parade - may work better for your schedule too?

This plan has you at small world before opening? I think you are front liaising some very low wait attractions and planning in extra FPs that may not be available?

I think this plan looks great! Sometimes there is a little backtracking involved to keep wait times down, and while there is some of that I don’t think it’s excessive.

What does concern me a little bit is the duration you’ve allotted to both QS meals; I would probably stretch those out to 45 just in case.

Also, the extra FPP - hopefully you’ll be able to grab those at/around the appointed time, but be prepared that you may not be able to. Truly, in most cases I’ve been able to get extras when preferred, but I think Splash and BTMM are two of the harder ones to get.

LOVE your screen name.

@ Smo - we have the festival parade lined up on MK Day 2. :slight_smile:

@ PrincipalThinker - we may start with 7DMT but I was thinking that we start slow with the kiddos, ease them into it with Small World, as they have never been on a coaster before. FPs are already secured.

@ OBNurseNH. I do have that same concern about the QS meals, but we have some flexibility, plan to order ahead, and we are generally fast eaters, so I think it will work out. And about the extra FPs, we have them already, of course it came at a premium cost though.

You all are awesome - thanks for the review!

You are staying CL? My concern with the start is the overall plan but if you have CL FPs - please ignore me😀

Oh club level extras? Good for you!

Okay, I see what you are saying now. I think I had the Festival parade initially in the plan, changed it to Dance Party for some reason, which does not go through that part of the park. I should change it back.

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