Plan of Attack for HHN - Help!

This will be my first year going to HHN. I have researched the event in multiple places and believe I have a good feel of the layout, etc. But I would appreciate a little input on how to start my night. Here are the facts: I will be in USF before it closes. I will be going on Sunday, October 22. My priority is the SAW house and any other house is just an added bonus. I will not have EP.

From what I’ve seen of the map, it looks like the SAW house is in the Hollywood area, and thus, I should be lining up in the Hello Kitty holding area. However, reading on the UG site, it looks like houses in the Springfield section open between 5:30 and 5:45, while the rest of the houses may not open until 6:30. Since I will already be in the park, should I be lining up near Springfield to try and get in one of those houses first and then rush to Hollywood for SAW, or is there a chance SAW will open early as well and I should just start there, as that is my priority? I obviously don’t want to cause myself any longer waits, but I also don’t want to waste time waiting in line if I could be getting in a house and not causing myself any harm. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry, I have nothing of value to add here but I have bookmarked this thread !

There’s a lot of really good information here. Also, I’ve found them to be pretty responsive to direct questions via social media and submitted questions if this doesn’t address your circumstances.

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Thank you. I have read through most of their info already but didn’t know about direct questions. I may have to send them one.

I sent them a question through the form on their site and they responded in the podcast within 2 episodes.

Hello Kitty would be my choice. You’ll likely get a few minutes jump on the crowd for SAW. Oct 22 is gonna be crazy crowded! Every single house was great this year. What ever you do DON’T miss Dark Waters. It’s the most detailed house I’ve ever seen! A bit short, but damn!

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Thank you for your advice!