Plan for our Upcoming "Mini" trip: Part 1, Arrival Day and MK

I’m calling this a mini trip, because we are only planning two park days, and only a few hours in the parks on those days at this point. This is what we feel comfortable with at this point, but we are finding that there are a lot of less popular activities to do outside the parks that sound like a ton of fun. So we’re just looking for a taste of holiday magic.We’ll be staying for three nights at the cabins at Ft. Wilderness, and our last night will be spent at CBR. Here is our planned schedule- let me know what you think! Our goal is to avoid high crowds, not necessarily wait times (which yes usually go hand in hand but I think there are some exceptions.) We’ll have a van. I have more of an order of things rather than exact times

Sunday Dec. 13: Arrival Day
Pick up groceries
Winter Summerland Golf Course
Possibly pool (I’m not too worried about weather- anything above 50 is swimming weather for us LOL!)
7:15 Dinner at Whispering Canyon/ look at Christmas decorations at WL

Monday Dec 14: Magic Kingdom (hours 8:00am-8pm)
7:00am take ferry to MK (hopefull it is running that early)
Hit rides in this order:
BTM (my DD7 made me promise that if PP is running we will ride it between these first two, otherwise we will not be doing it because of the crowdedness of that corridor)
PotC. I’m expecting the park to officially be open either as we are getting on PotC or as we are getting off.
Jingle Cruise
Little Mermaid
Hopefully try to see the muppets (might skip Dumbo and/or Little Mermaid to fit them in, I know it’s ambitious to get that all done by noon. We are big Muppet fans, and this “meet & greet” is so unique to this time)
Around noon: Get treats from Aloha Isle and Sunshine Tree Terrace and hang out by the main street train station to watch cavalcades, see the Dapper Dans and characters… Dapper Dans are a high priority for me- I adore them!
By about 1:00 or 2:00, head back to the cabin via ferry.
Eat lunch at the cabin, check out the pool if time, or just relax, eat dinner at the cabin
5:00 drive to TTC, goal to be back in MK by 6:00pm
6:00pm- whatever FL ride we missed earlier
6:30/6:45 Tomorrowland:
Space Mountain
Astro Orbiters
8:00pm Official Park Close
Watch projections, look at mainstreet. We plan on hanging out here until the final “kiss goodnight” projection unless we wouldn’t be able to get back to TTC that late

I’ve noticed in live streams that tomorrowland and fantasyland are pretty empty once the projections start, because people are all on main street. Then when the park closes, everyone leaves, although the projections and music are still going. We’re driving to our second half of the day here so that we don’t have to worry about ferry times back to FtW and can stay until the final projection. Hopefully we’ll still be able to get back to TTC. I think our goal is to get as much done in the day before the crowd shows up around lunch time, then come back to finish up when everyone is on mainstreet instead of the lands, and take our sweet time leaving/taking pictures on mainstreet. The only must dos are the mountains, JC (because I don’t think we’re ever coming back during the holidays, this might be our only chance to see it!) and Astro Orbiters because DD7 thinks they are going to be something amazing, and the cavalcades. Everything else is gravy. I feel like this was the easy part of our trip to plan. Part 2 will contain HS, and I have to be honest I’ve always felt that park is the hardest. Thanks for any thoughts/ideas! I’ve been basing everything off of TP stats and live streams. MK seems to have clear patterns of crowd movement, but I’d love to hear from people who have been recently