Plan for Last Day at Disney with 6 pm Flight

We are staying at GF 12/21 - 12/26. Since we booked a 6 pm flight home, I feel like we have until 3pm to do whatever. I am assuming GF will allow us to leave bags somewhere after check out at 11 until we get on the Magic Express to Airport. Anyone have experience with that?

By this last day we will have done MVMCP 12/21 and MK EMM on Sunday. We want to do a 1900 PF brunch, (I can’t seem to find any other time to squeeze it in), and although crowd levels are peaked park wide, I feel like we should RD at MK, hit any rides we missed, then back to GF for a late brunch. Does this sound doable? And would you leave that extra window of time before flight (12ish to 4ish) unplanned?

You’ll be able to leave your bags with bell services.

Since it’s such a busy time, I probably would leave it unplanned after your brunch, I don’t think I’d want to risk going back into the parks.

We just came back with a 6 pm flight two weeks ago staying at the Contemporary. We checked our bags in for the airport and our carryons with bell services. We spent until about 2:15 at MK. It was wonderful. We ate at 10:30 at Crystal Palace.We did about 7-8 rides, it was very low crowds because of predicted rain.

You might lose a lot of time going back and forth and a lot of walking, Maybe do breakfast first and just rely on fast passes for a few favorite rides,

But I loved the 6PM flight. Thought it was perfect to do some stuff but not get home too late.

You can leave your bags at Bell Services. Just remember to return early enough to retrieve them in time.

Your DME time will be around 3pm, assuming a domestic US flight. That is the departure time, so make sure you are back 45 mins before that (30 at latest).

Book FPs for MK from say 9am, and then do brunch. Then you have time for some last minute shopping, a complete loop on the monorail or launch before DME pick up.

Depending on the airline, resort airline check in. Bring your bags down in am, pick them up at your home airport. Leave carryons with Bell services.

I don’t know where “home” is for you and how long a flight you have to get there, but when I fly home from WDW in the evening I usually plan a late, easy start to my final day. It takes me 8-9 hours to fly home (west coast) and I don’t sleep well (or at all) on planes, so trying to RD on departure day would mean something like a 21-hour day . . . which is not how I like to end my already-exhausting WDW vacations!

My favorite way to spend my last day is to sleep in a bit (8:30-9 ish) and pack up/check out without feeling rushed. Then a late breakfast/brunch at Boma and a leisurely stroll around AKL (ending with a visit to my favorite over-sized rocking chair overlooking the savanna). Then I usually spend a couple of hours at AK (because I can’t get enough of that place!): one last ride on KS, one last FotLK show, and then make my way slowly out the park – detouring through the trails around the Tree of Life, chatting with the macaws in the Oasis, and seeing how many new orchids are in bloom since my last visit. I love ending my trips this way because I get to quietly soak in the beauty of my favorite park one last time before returning to “real life” and I leave so full of gratitude for the time I have been able to spend in such a magical place.

In short, my recommendation is to leave lots of extra time on your last day to savor the end of your trip. I agree with LaurenB that going back and forth will eat up a lot of time . . . I would either RD / FP a small handful of rides and then end with a leisurely lunch with lots of time to spare or have breakfast before hitting the park and only planning to FP a few rides with lots of stop-and-smell-the-roses time built in. Rushing around trying to cram as much as humanly possible into those last few hours takes a bit of the magic out of the trip for me!


We only have a 2 hour flight home. Also it’s DD11, DH, and me. In Oct, we stayed in the park one night until 2 am (an unexpected late closing time), then the next morning I got up and took an Uber to FOP at 6:30 am and was first in line. All that to say, we can handle a lot. As I always do, I try and schedule lots of breaks, but we always end up trying more than I’ve scheduled. I look forward to a trip with a leisurely pace some day. Your day sounds lovely.

this is so helpful! our flight was supposed to leave MCO at 10:45am, got moved up to 8am! (grr…don’t get me started on frontier airlines!), I said no way to that and rebooked us on the only other nonstop that day which leaves at 9pm so now instead of waking up and rushing out of bed we get a long last day - which is what I should have planned originally since we only have a 3 night stay at WDW. so my plan is exactly as you described, sleep in, late breakfast and it will be our day at AK but we have been there multiple times and will just enjoy the park and not try to squeeze too much in- just mainly want a ride on FOP if i can get a fpp for that afternoon! reading your post makes me look forward to that long last day!

we are also staying at GF and have a 9pm flight so I find this post and answers helpful b/c we will be in a similar situation!