Plan for June 2020

DH50 and I(52) are planning a trip WDW, our first since our honeymoon in July/Aug 1996. We will be there June 9 to June 16 and will be staying at the Contemporary in an accessible room. We are travelling via Amtrak. We will both be renting ECVs so we can survive the parks. We will also be getting a DAS card for other issues. We are also planning a trip in the fall of 2022 and planning that made me need to go sooner lol.

Here is our current rough draft of a plan. Please feel free to advise. Sorry it’s so long. EDIT: TPs are being modified

June 9: Arrive Orlando about 10 am. Have ADR CM at 12:35pm. Will arrange to meet ECV while waiting for room at 3pm. Then we will spend the rest of the evening at MK. EDIT: TP has been adjusted.

June 10: We had two possible plans depending on which BOG time we go with (discussion in another thread). EDIT: TPs have been adjusted and extra one deleted.

June 11: Star Wars centered HS day

June 12: rest day/DS etc no parks

June 13: Epcot

June 14: AK/HS we got the Tier 2 FotLK package so those times are set

June 15: Potluck aka HS/AK basically going for anything we didn’t get before or want to do more of. No breaks listed because it will change lol.

June 16: ADR 9:35 Waves breakfast at Contemporary then return ECVs, check out and head to Amtrak station for 1:35 pm train.


When you know you’ll be on a DAS card, the structure for these things can be a little different, especially with both of you navigating in an ECV. For my family, we deal with one permanent ECV user and a little one who will need one eventually, but for now just needs extra rest time. For your MK days, it can be helpful to plan out getting your ECV return time, planning what you will do in the area in the meantime, then returning for it.

For example, on your first day, you maybe need to book time with Guest Services first, then go over to JC to get your DAS return time, then figure out what you want to do during that hour while you wait to come back. SotMK was not easy for my DAS / ECV family to experience - some of the locations aren’t clear on how to get there with an ECV, etc. You can get your DAS return time for HM right after you finish JC, do the CHH dinner or the riverboat while you wait, then do HM with the FP equivalent, but it does require a Wheelchair transfer, so hopefully one of you is well enough to push the other, or HM might not be the best option.

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Thanks for the insight. We are both able to walk just not long distances (and my husband can get a bit wobbly) and I can’t stand much. If needed my husband can wheel me in a wheelchair transfer. I hope we can report a better experience than you had recently. That first evening is mostly to get DAS setup and the ECVs figured out and try to see a few things. Hopefully the fireworks.

Your plans seem pretty tight on time. I’ve seen to many “perfect” plans that go from ride-to-ride nonstop. You really need to put a 10 – 15 minute break in your plan every 1.5 – 2 hours. I’ve had more than one person tell me, “I’m on vacation. I don’t need to schedule when I pee.”

These breaks are a buffer for unexpected Magic / toilet / gift shops / drinks / etc.…

When putting in these breaks make sure to account for the walking time to your next attraction. Any time you insert a “rest” into a plan, the walking times after the rest are wrong due to a bug in TP software. For example, you are at Dumbo, then rest, and then plan to go to Jungle Cruise it only allocates a one minute walk time, instead of what should have been like 10-15 minutes.

If your next attraction is nearby this isn’t a big deal, but it is something to consider.

It’s always IMHO better to have the break & not need it than get behind.

Also, IME, while I LOVE TP it’s not perfect. On average I have to cut 2 - 4 attractions / shows every day. This is even with giving myself all those breaks. More often than not TP will greatly underestimate a couple of predicted queue waits. (Often an additional 30 - 50 minutes) So… be prepared to figure out what you can be ok missing or not getting a repeat ride on.

I have kept my plans over the last two years and written out all the data. (predicted vs. actual waits) IME - Touring Plans averages a -81 minutes longer than predicted each day. Again… I’ll never go to WDW / DLR / UOR with a personalized TP, but I’ve learned that you have to leave yourself large amounts of unscheduled time & add in breaks to be able to accomplish all that you want.


Thanks. I’ve seen your advise often and agree with you wholeheartedly (easier said than done lol). Particularly with ECVs and our other issues. Right now I’m looking at these as guidelines of what we could do. Except, of course, when we have a definite time for something like the FotLK. Also, I no idea of what type of luck I will have with FPs and that will definitely change things. I’ve read the “trick” about reserving another room etc so you can get them early and then dropping it and I’m not sure I’m up for that - it seems too stressful. I’m fully prepared to cut things out if we need to. Knowing you cut 2-4 a day is actually a helpful guideline for me because there are definitely somethings I can cut.

My number one thing I want to do is see the 3 pm parade. I’ve never watched it the whole way whenever I’ve been. It was always something to work around, not watch. Seems silly with all the fancy rides but it’s what I want to do.

Do you have an opinion on which BOG time would work better? I know I can use res finder but for now I’m torn with the two possibilities.

Thanks so much for your time at looking at my plans. I don’t want them to be perfect yet or I’ll have nothing to do for the next 3 months!!

If you have any questions about your travel on Amtrak, let me know. Both me and my husband have worked there for almost 30 years. Auto Train or “regular” train?

Thanks!! Regular train I think. From Washington DC. The biggest question we have is what is the best way to get from the Amtrak station to our hotel - the Contemporary?

91 Silver Star is what we are arriving on and 98 Silver Meteor is what we are leaving on.

I will make a phone call tomorrow and see what I can find out for you from those I know that work down inn Florida. Will let you know what I hear.

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That would be awesome, thanks so much!

Great news! My goddaughter DD22 and her fiance DF28 are joining us on our trip!! She is graduating from college and this will be her graduation present. The only bad thing is that it means our budget exploded since we were already splurging on the Contemporary Hotel and it’s their first time to WDW or anything Disney so don’t want them at a different place. Changes the focus on what we may or may not do so I will probably start a new thread once I get things sorted out. Was able to redo most of our ADRs and I’m not at fastpass time yet so there is time.