Plan for Final MK Morning--Save me from Analysis Paralysis!

Hello! I would like opinions from folks that have recent experience on the early morning at MK. This is our morning plan for our last day at MK. Would like to repeat a few favorites (PP, BTMR, 7DMT) and fit in a few we won’t have done in previous days (A&E, Ariel, ETwB). The optimized plan has us waiting until 9:25 to go to A&E. I see a chart for that day that shows a dip in waiting times in that time frame, so I see why it’s doing that. It just goes against general advice to go there first (maybe that’s why there’s a dip?). When I put it first, it still shows a 36 min wait, and then the waits for our other attractions are longer.

I feel pretty comfortable that we’ll be at the beginning of the RD crowd–Monday, June 1, CL7. At this point, I’m suffering from analysis paralysis! Thanks for helping me!

Optimized Plan

Adjusted Plan with A&E first

I think the biggest thing to consider is that A&E will have stable long waits ALL DAY LONG, unless you absolutely beat the crowds there at RD. So if you end up with a long early morning wait, then you miss out on the window when other rides have reliably shorter lines (PP, ETwB, UTS, etc) that will grow drastically as the day wears on.

A good strategy is to go at RD and boot 'er back to Fantasyland - if you’re there first, head for A&E. BUT If you’re behind the RD mob, do other stuff first then hit A&E during mid morning just before the huge wave of 10 am attenders hits.

Just reviewed the plans again in detail. You’ll wait too long for everything else if you dash for A&E first. Follow the Optimized plan, unless you’re the first people in Fantasyland and can be out of A&E by 8:20.

I was leaning toward following the plan…I just wanted someone else to look at it for confirmation. We’ll still try to get at front of the pack and I’ll be checking MDE to see if I can grab a last minute FPP. Thanks @mossmacl!

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@welchfam4, I would be worried about spending too much time with A&E even if you made it in the first wave of people. I think you’re smart to follow the optimized plan. Worst case, if you get to A&E and find the wait unpalatable, you can just skip it and come back late in the evening. Gambling with it first could throw off your whole morning and lead to longer waits at your other attractions. Good luck!

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@aj25aj25, Thanks for taking the time to help out. I think I will trust the TP. Have a great weekend.