Plan for A&E and 7DMT w/o FPP?

We have 2 days at MK: 9/30 and 10/1. Unable to get FPP for A&E and 7DMT 30 days out (staying off site). Should we do RD for both (1 on 9/30 and other 10/1)? TP suggesting later in the day has same or slightly less waits.

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Okay, this is totally anecdotal, so take it with a grain of salt, but:

A few weeks ago at WDW I was at the Pooh ride while my kids were playing, which is right across from the SDMT entrance and line. I overheard the conversation of a cast member walking by with a guest. It was at rope drop. The cast member said, “people come here to the mine train first, and they don’t realize this is the busiest it is all day.” Now who knows if that is true at all, but I found it interesting.

Part of me would want to go there right at rope drop, because that is common sense.

But another part of me thinks, oh man, I don’t want to waste 45 minutes of glorious rope drop time, 45 minutes in which I could literally do 5-6 other attractions, standing in line waiting for mine train – then when I’m done and out of the line, the waits for everything else in the park will be higher…


This makes a lot of sense @B_squared. Back to the TP tweaking! :wink:

Thanks, that is what I was wondering. We may hit E&A at RD the 1st day (this is our priority!) and monitor 7D to see if the wait drops later on. If not, RD day 2 it is!

We got burned by not going to Belle at RD last year and went later on as suggested by the TP and ended up waiting 45 minutes on a low crowd day.

No info on A&E, but I am going to trust the TP optimizer for 7DMT. I’ve tried several different combinations of attractions, and it always seems to have me going to it around 1 PM and tells me there will be a 31 minute wait…

Just want to encourage you to not give up on getting 7DMT and A&E passes. Something that worked for me was to make individual reservations for a ride I didn’t care about, then I would try to change the experience. I was able to get A&E and 7DMT for 8 people doing it this way. It seems it’s easier to get a FPP for one than for a whole group. I would grab whatever time was available and then just keep tweaking it til they all overlapped at some point. It was a pain, and it took a lot of checking availability but at least I got them. I hope this makes sense, and good luck!

Sorry I see I just bumped an old thread…OP how did it work out for you?