Plan Check - Input?

So here is my plan for our (me, ds12yo, and dd turning 17 on the 21st) July trip.

I’m using the reservation finder to try and move Beaches & Cream back 30 min to 1:30pm and SciFi Drive in from 5:20pm to 6:00pm.

We have touring plans for all the mornings as well as a few evenings (none for Epcot and DHS evenings…we can be a bit more relaxed for them)

Sunday is currently open. I do have a FP+ for FOP that morning but since I picked one up for Monday evening, I am thinking of dropping it.

Thoughts? Concerns?


First glance…no BTMRR or Splash? You’ve got other coasters so wasn’t sure?
Do you want to do EE right after dinner at Yak & yeti? Maybe switch with safaris?

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I LOVE this plan. Everything about it! I did not feel even a little bit stressed when looking at it; in fact, I felt so relaxed by all of your down time! Just lovely.

It is a beautiful spreadsheet and the colors are even almost exactly right too :wink:


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We are doing Disney After Hours on Saturday night so Splash & BTMRR will both be walk ons.

Good point about eating before EE. Let me see if I can reorder those.

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See eating before EE wouldn’t bother me. Coasters don’t get my tummy up. Things like teacups, now, that’s a different story.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
We were at WDW this same week 10 years ago (dd’s 7th birthday) and I remember how hot it was…as well as how tired the heat made us. I worked hard at trying to balance down time at the resort with seeing/doing as much as possible.

I’m a presentation designer in real life…and specialize in displaying complex data. If I didn’t have a color coded table, my family would be worried! :slight_smile:

When our 12yo was a preschooler, he got is own itinerary with pictures.:wink:

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That made me smile!

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My only thought is your last day & your meal at 1900PF. For me I would either push back breakfast or just plan to stay in MK area after your meal. It seems like a waste and a hassle to mono/boat + bus back to Pop after when you’re going back to MK in a few hours anyway.

Otherwise I think it looks very good! And I would keep FOP. I have a feeling you will want to use that fastpass for a second ride :wink:

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Super plan! Will probably use it to make mine better. And you’re doing auto train! I am so Jealous!!!

I was going to drive back and forth to the Grand Floridian, then take the bus over to MK in the afternoon.

I actually started out with an 8:20am ADR and moved it later on purpose so we could have a lazy morning. I’m going to try and get some packing done then as well.

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Ah, well a car makes that much simpler!


This will be our third trip taking the AT. If you book early enough, it is actually cheaper than flying! We also do the regular seats as opposed to a roomette, that would double the cost.

I built the table in PowerPoint. I can share the file if you would like.

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Yes, I would like that. I wanted to try the train instead of flying but DH Vetoed it: since we live in MTL, it means 1 10 hour drive to the train and he was not impressed. Next time for sure!

We are just north of Philadelphia so the drive to Lorton isn’t too bad… around 3 hours.

I actually snagged a 4 person direct flight for around 900 USD. From Plattsburgh. Not so bad. But from MTL? and the traffic! Since we live less than an hour away from the border, It is worth it.

If you don’t mind me asking, what program did you use for this schedule? I absolutely LOVE your details and might want to try and replicate for my own plans in September. :slight_smile:

Question: What is “relaxing”? Is it a new ride I haven’t heard of?

Kudos for the spreadsheet. Though a real professional breaks the day down into 15 minute sections and then fills every one of them with activity and then wonders why the plan doesn’t work when he actually gets to WDW. And blames @OBNurseNH for it.

Talking of whom

The correct colours are — of course — MK red, AK green, DHS orange, Epcot blue. (By “correct” I mean that these are the ones I chose and I would hardly be wrong about something, would I?)

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It’s CINDERELLA’S castle which is the icon of the park, the World! It has blue colorings to match her gorgeous blue ball gown. Hence MK is blue.

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It’s funny how people can be wrong about things, isn’t it?

MK is red, because MK is Mickey’s home and he wears red shorts.

AK is green because, well, duh, obviously.

Epcot is blue because water is blue.

DHS is orange because I was running out of colours to use and I decided that Hollywood is golden, or possibly something to do with the yellow brick road.

Could you not get a FP for 7DMT? that’s the only thing I see missing. Also, I would completely drop the Beaches and Cream ADR. Spend the whole day at BB. only 3 hours at a waterpark doesn’t seem like much. I would relax and spend the whole day there. Have fun!