Plan Check... Been A While!

Hope the link works. I remember needing to “publish” before, but I think the link will work>
Epcot, Nov 1, very low predicted CL. EMH, Staying EP area, using the Gateway. We’ll easily be there before 8am emh rope drop.

I’m mostly worried about criss-crossing / walking too much. Mom/Dad/DS9. Kind of a “fun rides in the AM and then CHILL,” taking in street shows, and snacks after lunch. Lunch is Sunshine Seasons after the 10:30-11:30 Behind The Seeds Tour. Last time, we kinda didn’t get to fit all of the WS stuff we wanted to, so this trip, conquering WS is an objective. We should have another afternoon to stroll around, and try to catch the Chinese acrobats, The Japanese Drummers, and anything else that sounds interesting enough.

After the last step in our plan, if we still have pep in our step, maybe some more wandering around. As it stands, what I’m thinking, is an early dinner at Teppan Edo, then out the Gateway to the pool and calling it an early night (after a quick visit to Ample Hills, of course.)

Any glaring holes here? Some of the walking is making me wonder, but also, it might be nice to see ALL OF WS during the day and make notes of what we’d like to come back to check out.

And so the planning begins…

the plan doesn’t seem to be public. :frowning: Is the checkbox in the edit area checked?

Sorry. Back in the swing of things, now. I knew there was a flag that needed to be flipped. Should work now.

Which ‘‘walking speed’’ did you use ?

Average walking speed, which, in the past has been no big deal at all.

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I think it looks good. The only steps that are really a huge distance apart are steps 10 and 11 and I honestly think you could do those attractions in any order you chose with little effect on the rest of your plan.

I wouldn’t want to be crossing back and forth from WS to Future World, but in my opinion just criss-crossing within Future World is totally doable. That seems to be what you are doing the most of.

It is hard NOT to criss cross Futureworld. I mean, you CAN do it in a somewhat circular pattern, but then you end up following the crowds (might not make the best touring plan).

Just my two cents, but I’d rethink steps 9-12. Spaceship earth is all the way at the front of future world and then you’re walking all the way to the back of world showcase for Servuer Amusant in France. Then you’re back up towards the front of world showcase for Gran Fiesta in Mexico. And then back again to Italy for Sergio … You’ve got lots of time to make these walks, so its definitely doable, but I’d either ride Gran Fiesta before the other two shows or maybe do that another day.

Yeah, the FW cross - not too big of a deal, it’s really 9, 10, and 11 that make me think the feet won’t appreciate it. I might have to sit down and choose a better path, which might mean switching up street shows. It seems like the most efficient thing would be to do Spaceship Earth, and THEN hitting FW starting with Gran Caballeros and working back to the ig around fw that way (clockwise, starting at Mexico)

Bingo, yes. It’s the street show times that TP is trying to adhere to to make the most sense. I might just have to switch street shows to do it that way.

I was pretty much gonna write that.

I think I can live with this, even though I have an walking efficiency issue with steps 11-12. I can try to tweak that, if really needed.

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This looks great!

Hey @Lentesta -
You don’t know me from Adam, and I’m sure you get suggestions all of the time, here’s another one:

An Epcot TP for “Parents With Kids Too Old for Turtle Talk / Nemo / Innoventions but With The Best Street Shows In WS.” I’m only KIND OF kidding, too!

Seriously though - I’ve been singing the praises of your software to anyone who will listen. It is SOOOO worth the $, even for the most experienced WDW fan. It’s the steps + Timings, and customizations that absolutely make it invaluable, imo.