Plan changed for rain-

Hellow- its supposed to rain/storm every afternoon and we have Fast passes in the afternoon for attractions likely to close (MK, EP, and AK). Any suggestions for either changing FP if it rains or good rain alternative suggestions?

Welcome! I would keep your fast passes. If the attraction is shut down you will receive an “anytime” fast pass. That will give you a list of other attractions you can use it on, or save it for when the attraction is running again (that day). The great thing is that FP counts as “used”. If it is your 3rd FP you can immediately schedule another one and still save it. Be careful! If you get a 4th or 5th FP and scan in early or late it will use your anytime.

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It doesn’t count as used, it just doesn’t count as one of your first 3. If it’s a tier 2, you still need to book and use another tier 2 before getting a 4th if you want another tier 1.

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Great point! I don’t ever book within the tiers!

I am going to say again- don’t change FPs based on rain!


We experienced this situation on our first day of our early May 2019 trip. Having not visiting WDW since 2011, we had no experience with FPPs. At AK, we approached FoP and it was offline due to technical issues. We thought our FPPs were no good once the ride was running again. The CM patiently explained the “Anytime” FPP that we could use at any attraction including FoP (because it was FoP that was offline) until closing. Later that day, we got an “anytime” FPP for EE because of thunder and lightening. The rain ended up a blessing because we could choose the time to return to these headliner attractions later in the day.