Plaid Tours Available for SWGE post Nov 1st EMH

Talked with Signature and since we are 90 days out to Nov 2nd which is the drop-off date for the Extended Magic Hours. Disney did decide and release VIP Tours for the new rides (plaid only). I suspect prior to 60 days out we may hear if FP+, a queue or some kind of EMM will be released. Should know before September 4th or so.


thanks. this is not yet listed in MDE yet, right?

Signature is probably the only ones to know about it so far I would imagine. And it will be the normal price tags ranging from $2875 and up depending on peak times/weekends plus park ticket.

well that ain’t happenin for ME!

Plus tips :slight_smile:

adding @DisneyDayDreamin because this is promising news for December plans!!

I hope it becomes promising. We are scheduled for late January and are hopeful there will be some kind of option to help be more efficient while we are there in DHS. I’m not holding my breath for FP+ being implemented but maybe some kind of ticketed version of EMM would be nice. Who knows?

Thanks! That must have just happened since they didn’t know anything when I talked to them on Saturday. Definitely a good sign!

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