Plaid Tour?

We may do a one day VIP tour in March with some friends. We are considering starting at MK for the parade and then hopping over to EP for some Guardians. Before I call VIP tours, can you ride Guardians as many times as you want? I mean we rode it twice last trip with a VQ and a LL$. We wanted to kick off a few EP attractions like Remy and Soarin and FEA and then head back to MK for some SM, BTMRR and SM and then do the fireworks with the tour. But I wondered if there were limits for some rides.

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I’m not 100% sure but when ROTR was the first ride to have VQ you still had to acquire a BG to ride with a Plaid.

Maybe things have changed though :woman_shrugging:


That is what I was wondering. Signature Services was closed when I finally had a chance to call. My DD7 had her tonsils and adenoids taken out today. So we are taking care of her the best we can. But I’m trying to justify the tour for our group. We have several little ones as well so I don’t want to minimize the perks.

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Ok liners, so I’ve watched some YouTubers about recent VIP tours and now I’m mixed on it. I mean one party hopped to 4 parks but they rode 7 rides, got two complimentary bottles of water, a Mickey Bar and a moist towelette. Seriously Disney? This same party also went “backstage” to go from TT to Soarin’ at EP. I imagine I can walk there much faster. And now you don’t skip to the front of any line, it’s just a LL entrance. I feel so disappointed. And of course you can’t ride GotG more than once. My DD7 just rode it 4 times in one day with VQ, ILL$ and rider swap. We have been to Disney a bunch. I think a plaid tour would be cool for us if we wanted to bust off some favorites multiple times and didn’t mind losing the “magic” a bit by entering in alternate entrances. But for our party in March, they aren’t regulars. Some are newbies with children. I’m just not sure plaid makes sense for them. I think we could get some dessert parties and other experiences that might be better. I would welcome thoughts. Don’t mind being proven wrong. I really was sold on a VIP until I realized I couldn’t ride GotG over and over. And that I would have to wait in a LL for each ride.


Wow, that really doesn’t sound worth it if that’s the case. I can do way more than that on my own! I’ve never done the WDW version, which is way more expensive, but even the Universal one puts you at the front of the line bypassing Express Pass.

There is a liner over on chat who shares this sentiment. In her opinion, she can provide just as good of an experience with her knowledge of LLs/BG1 and booking other special experiences.


The universal one is far cheaper with the group one and we rode with mummy under refurbishment: mib with access to the alien hq area, Gringotts, Hogwarts express Kings Cross, Hagrids, Forbidden Journey, VelociCoaster, Kong, Hulk, Despicable Me, Jimmy Fallon instead of RRR cuz it was raining and down, Transformers, and saw Bourne. It was like $200 pp or something and included breakfast and lunch buffets, water bottles and the guide holds your stuff when you ride. Disney is seriously lacking. And yes all of that is complete skip the line and express pass which we used on RRR later.

So basically for a better price we got two meals and 12 complete skip the lines plus express passes. 7 rides and some shows is nothing for the what $700/hr or something Disney charges. I can’t see myself finding it valuable


Had a plaid at the end of September for my birthday. It was fantastic. 4 parks in one day- approximately 12 rides.