PJ Family Trip Report: Part 6, Conclusion

Are we ever going back to Disney?

That was the theme of much discussion between DW and I in the final stages of this trip.

We probably won’t do another cruise, or at least not until the kids are much older. Between DW’s motion sickness, DS7’s food issues, and DD9’s newfound “no sand” mantra, it’s not ideal for us. (For the record I thought it was fine and would totally go again on an adults on trip, or with older kids)

But I think we’ll return to WDW. I think I can manage around crowds and waits using mobile ordering, DAS, and a good touring plan, and a more relaxed approach to the parks (with rest days in-between RD days, for instance) is more my kid’s speed. I can definitely see myself planning some sort of split-stay to enjoy a deluxe for a few days but balancing out the cost with some other options.

That’s it for now - thanks for reading and for sharing your own experiences!


From personal experience, my guess is that if you do go back, you’ll plan it in a way that works perfectly for your fam, and walk away not needing to go back again. Prioritize what’s important for you, and relax when you can. Do the things that will energize the family, and don’t run yourselves ragged trying to get it all in. Plan the pool time. Plan the easy day after a long day. It’s hard to try not to try to get it all in, but it really is great advice for having a successful trip.

Thanks for writing this-I thought it was a lot of great information! I enjoyed traveling along with you.

I followed along though your reports as well. Thanks for taking us along on all of the ups and downs!