Pizzafari Family Style Dining

Trying to book Pizzafari Family Style Dining for end of August and there is nothing available. I doubt it would be all booked up at this point. Does this work like the dining packages where they don’t always release at 180 days before? Or is it going away?

I think it is a quick service…

It is QS but says they accept reservations for the family style meal.

Wow that would be a neat option. Wonder if they would accept DDP for that?

We are going in March and I have this booked. It counts as a Quick Service on the DDP.

I think it says that the family style dining is not eligible for the dining plan, but the regular menu is quick service.

We have a reservation for this in early June and everything I’ve read about it says it counts as a QS dining credit.

The fact that they had waited 3 hours for FOP tells you everything you need to know about the cluelessness of the Mom’s Panel. They are wrong as often as they are right. But I do think that it’s a QS credit.

When I go to this page: It says: Dining Plans Not Accepted

Am I looking at the wrong place? just following up because I had been interested in doing this on the dining plan, but didn’t think I could.

I get passed back to the U.K. site but it doesn’t say dining plan not accepted anywhere on it.

You could definitely use one CS credit to pay for the Family Style meal back in late August of last year (friends of ours did). I haven’t seen any mentions about it changing since then, so I assume that’s still the case.

I think they changed it for 2019. If you search AK restaurants on the Disney site and filter by ones that accept 2019 DDP, Pizzafari comes up but the Family-Style Dining at Pizzafari does not.

Also if you view the link above on a desktop it does say Dining Plans not accepted