Pizza in MK

Is there a place in MK where we can get pizza (quick service, counter place)? I have a picky seven year old and want to make sure I can find something that he will eat:-)

In MK Pinocchio Village Haus has pizza.

Thank you! We don´t need to make reservations here, am I right? Could´t get an option for that on the Disney website.

No reservation, its Quick Service.

On our vacation to WDW from 12/17 -12/28, we (Andrea and David - 2 adults) ate there on 12/18. The pizza they sell are flatbread pizzas. We were looking forward to eating there and trying the Sausage Pepperoni Flatbread Pizza that we had watched someone do a food vlog on. It looks so good and big… So, we ordered that and a Sprite.

What we got was nothing like we had seen in the video and was the worst of anything we ordered, the picture makes it look big, but believe me, it is not big at all.
Kids might like it, and if you are a fan of cheap frozen pizza, you might like it. The best description that we can give it is it tasted almost like cardboard with some sauce and flavoring on it. Not much taste, very small. Our cost for 1 Sausage Pepperoni Flatbread and 2 Sprites - $15.21.
As with all the places we tried on our most recent trip, our opinions are just that, our opinions but we thought we would share it with you.

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And I will offer a completely dissenting opinion on that :slight_smile:

I ordered the caprese when I went and I thought the size was fair, but I had no expectations on size. I felt it was enough for one serving, and I thought it tasted great. (I even liked it more than the pizzas I had at via napoli.)

Comparing the two pictures between mine and @davidjjenkins1961, I do think mine looks a bit more appetizing, so it might come down to what you order?

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The pizza was maybe equivalent to grocery store pizza. Not very good. My 4 year old ate it but my 7 year old was not a fan. Size was enough for our two kids. The only decent pizza we have had at Disney so far is at the Boardwalk.

@Randall1028, I will agree that yours looks so much better and there is enough there for one serving, as that is what they are for. We went there for a snack, something to tide us over so we only ordered 1 pizza. Still the taste of ours was not good at all. Yours, I would be willing to go there and try that they next time we are there. Thank you for your opinion. We know we are not foodies, just looking for good food inside and out of the World. I’ll show Andrea the picture and what you said and I am sure that she will want to try it when we go back in December, 2017.

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I ate at Pinocchio one time and had a good experience. The pizza was good and the kids liked it.