Pixie dust

Hey, I’m bored, and was thinking about how many of you have ever been pixie dusted at Disney. It’s never happened to me,
So tell me, what’s your pixie dust been?


Not me but DS.

Last trip, we travelled on his 21st. Arrived at Bay a lake about 7pm, got him a badge from the front desk and headed up to Top of the World Lounge for drinks, food and fireworks once we got ready.

Server saw his badge and brought the first round of drinks “on the house”.

The next day (Christmas Eve) he wore his birthday badge for our first day in the parks. In the evening we were walking down Main Street to dinner at CP when a CM from the Plaza came up, said Happy Birthday and handed him one of the big sundaes. He also got a birthday card signed by Pooh and friends, and after dinner whilst waiting for the fireworks the pianist at Casey’s played Happy Birthday for him.

A pretty amazing birthday. :blush:


It was our very first trip. We had traveled by car from Okla to stops in TN and SC, and the last leg of the trip before the park was 5-6 hours. We had decided to do AK for the 1/2 day. Animals, a couple rides, some shows…relaxing, kid friendly…nope…my DD was 6 at the time and had a complete melt down as we were walking to FotLK. This CM just appears out of nowhere, “Oh, what’s wrong?”
My anxiety was high bc of the travel, I was newly divorced and had more expectations of excitement from my youngest than I should have. “We’ve just been in the car too long, everything is fine.”
I tried to walk on, DD was sobbing, he was trying to convince us to take a back path. I had never heard of Pixie Dust, had never been to WDW. All that was in my head was this random guy is wanting to sell something, and I don’t have time or patience.
NOPE!! The oldest DD convinced me to go, “Its ok, mom, he’s a CM.”
He took us back stage, told the other CM’s he had “special guests”, and we had front row seats. Both DD’s were radiating with excitement from that point on.
I couldn’t find the CM after, but I was never more thankful for a small gesture. I was over the top nice with all the CM’s after that. Extra smiles, extra thank you’s, extra tips. :purple_heart:


My first ever Halloween party it poured. Rain we can handle, this was a non-stop torrential downpour. So we were heading to the exits early and one of the cast member asked me and my son, who was 4 at the time, if we’d be around for the next party night and gave us all tickets. (It was also my birthday) That was a really nice gesture.


Our honey moon in 2007: balloons with a signed Mickey and Minnie picture in our room. Champagne glasses to take home at CRT, special desserts at various restaurants, getting sung to by a quartet before the Beauty and the Beast show, a FP for PPF.

2016: cupcakes for birthday, my twins getting sung to by CMs at the Star Wars area

2018: being first at Garden Grill and getting a picture with all the characters


My first family trip to WDW in the late 90s (I was like 14 or so), we were all hanging out around American Adventure when a guy dressed in Revolutionary garb came out and invited us upstairs to the American Express suite. There, Alice in Wonderland came out and read Snow White to us while we had drinks and popcorn. It was a completely exclusive and unplanned event for our family and a couple of others. Amazing!


We’ve had a couple “general” pixie dustings, like when my son, then 6 (I think? I’ve lost track…) was inconsolable because Darth Vader couldn’t come out in the rain, one of the ToT bell hops talked to him and entertained him, even got him to smile! I couldn’t believe he took the time out of his day because he saw a sad kid.

But a specific instance was this past December, we were coming back on the ferry from MK and it was late. We had stayed to watch the castle projections, and were among the last guests lingering in the park. And we realized we hadn’t eaten dinner! So we mobile ordered from Capt Cooks and walked from TTC to pick it up. My kids call this “the longest walk EVER.” Our van was parked on the opposite side of the parking lot… seriously the farthest spot possible from the poly. Anyway, it seemed like a good idea at the time. We got to pick up our order, and I looked in the bag and said “Oh, did my husband order the dome cake? I’m looking forward to that, can I order it now in person?” and he said “Nope, because I’m just going to put it in there for you!” He congratulated me because I was wearing my “Celebrating my Masters Thesis” button. It was a very good holiday spiced cake. Yum for Pixie Dust that I can eat!


We were getting out of the log at Splash Mountain with DD4 at the time and a CM pulled us to the side and put us right back on the next log to ride again despite the 45 minute wait. It made our day!

And when we stayed at the Yacht Club we were upgraded to the Concierge level when they found out it was our honeymoon.


I’ve never really been pixie dusted. I will say before covid happened we were there in February for my DD and DH’s birthdays and they got cupcakes at the restaurants we ate at.

Me, DD and my cousin are making a quick trip in May. Cousin had a rough year and could use some. I did call for another reason, so I asked if they could note it on our reservation that it’s a special occasion for her . I’m hoping they will pixie dust her!!

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Years ago DW, DD and I were walking into HS and a CM came up to us and handed us 3 anytime fastpasses because we were all wearing buttons.

On my last trip I was trying to purchase a Nike hat for my DW @ the giftshop inside CSR and the register froze, they directed me to take the hat to the other register, that register froze as well. The CM said “take it”. I said “take it where? There’s no more registers?” She said “Just take it home”. I offered to come back after to pay when they had the problem fixed but they were insistent.

I’ve been many times and never been upgraded a room, a resort, or comped a meal. Just the fast passes and the hat. I often hope for a resort or room upgrade as I hear others stories of that happening. Maybe one day. If not, no biggie. I’m grateful regardless.


Forgot to mention. I was pixie dusted twice by kind liners on this forum. They know who they are :kissing_heart:


I believe I recall one liner pixie dusting you a short time ago!

Got pixie dusted a Mickey bar! When we went to buy one for our kids. That was nice!


DS and I once took a Minnie Van from the airport and got the same driver we had the trip before. She laughed and repeated a lot of the conversation she had with DS the first time (she thought it hysterical an 11 year old talked about the Tragical Express and fastpass drops). Then he talked to her about the upcoming state testing at school and how they can bring snacks in that day. Next day we got back to the resort and there were balloons and a bag of treats (candy apple, goldfish snacks, pretzels) from the driver with a note to do his best and enjoy the snacks!


In 2010, we made sure to get to Rose & Crown early for our ADR and got the perfect seats for the fireworks. Our server picked then-DD9 and DS6 to “start” the fireworks! She had the timing down perfect. She explained how to wave the glowstick and as soon as she said “Ok, it’s time!”, DD9 waves it and they started! They even gave them certificates! Oh, and DH took them to the restroom (I stayed behind with the DS9m twins), and the pianist in the pub began singing ad lib lyrics about them as they walked by. It was a very magical night!

Too lazy to find the digital pictures, but here’s a quick shot of the scrapbook.


DD19 has gotten more pixie dust DH and I, for sure. We went at Christmas 2018 to celebrate earning my degree and her birthday. We wore celebration pins during the trip. She got anytime fast passes, free desserts, and other pixie dust the whole trip. She looks much younger than she is, so I think that’s why. I got free anytime fast passes a couple of times.

Our last trip, October 2020, we got pixie dusted by a liner, and DD got a ToT mug when her MB didn’t charge properly.


We were upgraded from a studio to a one bedroom at Old Key West during our September 2020 stay. The added space, full size kitchen, and jetted tub was amazing after a long day at the parks!


For our first visit in August 2018 I ordered a gift bag/basket from Disney Floral and Gift. It was a bag to use in the parks that contained some sweet treats, ear hats for the kids, and 3 autograph books and pens. I was told it would be in the room waiting for us. Our room wasn’t ready by the time we needed to leave for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ (RIP :cry:), so I asked the concierge if she could find the bag for me. It hadn’t even been dropped off yet and wasn’t expected until around 7pm. I was bummed since we were about to go meet our first characters. She very kindly directed me to the giftshop with a note saying we could pick out 3 autograph books and pens. It was so so sweet of her. My kids never even knew about the hiccup. And when we finally got the gift bag, I took the extra books and pens back to concierge and asked them to pay it forward. So hopefully it was 2 pixie dusts for the price of 1! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have to ask, did you find out when you got to Disney, or before? I’m always curious about that.