Pixie dust and the Yacht Club

I think we’ve been “pixie dusted”.

We’re scheduled to stay at Coronado Springs in a few weeks. We picked it because the pool looked awesome. We found out a few months ago that the pool would be closed during our trip for refurb which was a major bummer.

I sent an email to Disney customer care awhile ago expressing dismay at the closure of Rafiki, TSI, and my resort pool, all of which were announced after I’d booked. I was really just looking for pool hopping privileges at a nearby resort so that my kids could swim in a real feature pool on arrival day and during our MK mid-day break.

Just heard back from Disney, and they’ve complementary upgraded us to Yacht Club for our 3-night stay! The gentleman that’s been working this for me (Jared) says it’s one of the best feature pools on property.

I’ve done zero research on the deluxe resorts so I know next to nothing about YC. What’s the inside scoop? Anything special we should pay attention to that I won’t learn about after a brief web search?


I’ve never stayed Deluxe but congrats on your fantastic upgrade. Make sure you change your room finder to reflect the change.

In case you haven’t found it, here is the TP page for YC.

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YC is beautiful, and Stormalong Bay is, by far, the best hotel pool on property. Enjoy a nice pleasant walk to the IG at EPCOT and I hope you have a great time. We just got back from there, and I wish I was still there.


Congrats - that’s a nice upgrade. We stayed BC in July which is effectively YC’s sister hotel - they share a pool and a lot of resources and are attached. Pool is best of any WDW hotel - offers a lazy river, sand bottoms and is just very cool. Easy walk to Epcot IG entrance and you can walk (or boat) to HS - we took the boat - although check the threads on the walk to HS as there are rumors the boat is closing soon for gondola construction - you’ll want to know if it affects your dates.

Bus to MK/AK/DS - we had very good transportation results but that may have been luck of the draw. There are a ton of excellent restaurants nearby between Yachtsman, Flying Fish & then all of the Epcot options. If you don’t have parkhoppers, I’d consider them as you’ll be so close to Epcot & HS it’s almost a shame to not wander over one night for Iluminations if you have have free time.


Congrats! Yacht and Beach Club is a lovely resort and the pool is very impressive looking (haven’t stayed there, only visited). Hope your family enjoys.

I suddenly find myself wishing I’d booked an extra day! We arrive on a Friday around 3:00pm, are spending Saturday at MK and Sunday at AK, then our cruise leaves Monday morning. I’ll have to do some research to determine if it makes sense to do a morning at AK then hop to a different park…

Yay! I love the YC! You will have a great stay!

I just stayed at BC. The pool was amazing! We went everyday. We had no problem going anywhere and the walk to Epcot and the boat ride to hS was amazing.

And don’t forget Ample Hills ice cream!

YC&BC are our favorites!! You will love it there! They were booked for our last trip and we ended up at Boardwalk (Also very nice) but my kids missed the pool. Then on the day we had planned as our pool day, the slide was broken at Boardwalk so they sent us to Stormalong Bay!! To say we were excited is an understatement :smile: It was such good timing! From all of these, we love the freedom to walk to two parks.

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Good for you !!! :smiley:

I sent a similar email but didn’t receive any kind of answer, not even a confirmation they did receive it. Not sure it even reached them, actually, since the WDW website was acting flunky when I sent it. Did you receive any automated email or confirmation of reception when you first sent ?

That’s amazing! You’ll love it, but just be warned, you’ll never want to go back to the moderates again. :joy: :joy:

I don’t think I ever received any sort of auto-generated confirmation. I did receive, a day or so after submitting my email, a confirmation saying the message had been “forwarded to another area within the company for further review”. I figured that was a polite way of saying “piss off”, but about a week later I got a call from Jared to talk about my concerns. At that point he offered me 3 multi-experience FP+ (because I’d complained about the sudden loss of Rafiki as well) and said they were still working on the resort issue.

It took almost 4 weeks from initial complaint until today, so it definitely didn’t move quickly, but I was impressed that they didn’t forget about me. If you’ve received nothing, I’d chalk it up to IT issues and reach out again. (The email address they used to respond to me is guest.services@disneyworld.com)

FWIW, my main complaints were that all of these things were being taken away after we’d booked and paid. I picked a resort and planned our days, and then attractions were closed and the pool was closed, and I felt like I was still paying full price for a decidedly less magical experience, and without enough time to adjust my plans accodingly. I was just looking for a way to retain access to a feature pool but never expected a full deluxe upgrade.

Good luck!

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Think about hoppers.


Great point! You NEED them at YC!

Thanks, I’ll try writing again. Not so much looking for an upgrade but extra FP+ would be really great. I am only 17 days before trip though so might not work. Still worth a try, thanks again !!! :slight_smile:

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Email sent. I got an automatic response saying someone will contact me within 7 days. We’ll see. :crossed_fingers:

Yay! I’m glad this happened for you! Really turned your trip around I am

And agree get the hoppers. How cool to
Just pop in to Epcot for something cool to see.

That’s an awesome upgrade!!