Pixar Pier

I am traveling to Disneyland in the beginning of June and unfortunately my dates cannot be moved. Has anyone heard any rumors about when Pixar Pier is scheduled to open? Everything I see says “Summer 2018”. I’d hate to get there and half of DCA be closed.

I do not know for sure, but suspect they will try to coordinate with the new Incredibles movie. I would use that as a Educated Guess.

I would agree that with the new Incredibles movie is a very good bet. I also have been looking at updates for Toy Story Land in WDW and am wondering if they are holding off on announcing either until they can get firm dates for both to kind of kick off a Disney-wide Summer of all that is Pixar and new to the parks.

Right now, it’s just a big waiting game for either one to budge on announcing.

For quite some time Memorial Day weekend has been the “assumed” opening for TSL in WDW, but based on a D23 article, it sound like it will be “later in the summer”. I never thought about a bi-coastal tie-in, but there may be something to that. I read somewhere (sorry, I don’t remember the source) that Pixar Pier may have a phased opening, depending on the extent of the re-theming. But it’s ALL rumors and best guesses; Disney has not said anything about either other than “Summer 2018” - and that can mean anything from late May to late August…

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I totally see a phased opening happening for Pixar Pier. I know that for now they’ve mentioned the ever-popular Cove Bar would be temporarily re-opened sometime in the spring for 2 weeks and then closed again to be re-opened in it’s new form, whatever that will be. Since this is such a weird way to position it, my guess is they’ll re-open the bar with the kick-off of the Pixar Fest on April 13 and that they hope to have a few other things for the area ready to start off the festival at the same time that they do the 2 week re-opening deal (maybe the boardwalk games, possibly a new TSMM queue).

With that in mind, a phased opening throughout the rest of the spring & summer makes sense. I know in my day to day working in a project world, it is always easier to keep everyone more satisfied with phased releases so we don’t go crazy trying to a whole project by one extremely likely to fail deadline & give the people what they want in bits so they feel like the time we’re taking is producing something.

Whatever Disney does, they have been really mums the word on the whole deal including any news about any thing in Pixar Pier, including the Inside Out family friendly ride & whatever the fate of the carousel is to be.