Pixar pier impact on FP

Hello all
I’m going to Disneyland next weekend (7/7 & 7/8) and was curious if the incredicoaster has been running out of FP early. I usually get my radiator springs one first then guardians and then midway mania and finally I’d get one for California screamin or soarin.

so I’m wondering I should change the order up now that its rethemed and people are probably interested in it.

My boyfriend hasnt been in 15 years so I want to make sure we make the absolute most of the 2 days. (We plan on parkhoppers with maxpass)

Thanks in advance

I will be there the week after you and my plan of action is to RD RSR, get FP for IC and SB or later fp for GotG. I have been trying to keep tabs on it and rightfully so, RSR is still the first to run out of FP, so that will be my first priority. Another trend I have noticed is that the lines have gone down for GotG significantly. You might catch a 20 minute wait or worst case, a later FP will be available. I think with a good rd strategy and mp, you will be in good shape.

IC has been running out earlier than it did as CS, especially it seems in the morning. But it does seem that RSR FPs go faster than IC still (and has slightly longer SB waits). I do expect IC to die down once everyone gets it in a couple of times but no way to know for sure if or when that will be. I don’t see it maintaining as long as GotG did because that had randomized sequences offering a different experience by waiting in the same line AND because it has a lower height requirement.

That being said: @carthy15’s plan is solid and I would do the same. Probably would get TSMM FP in between IC and GotG and then Soarin after that.