Pirates league for DS8

Any experiences with the pirates league package for boys? I have a 8 year old son and we are going for our first time and I think he would enjoy it. If anyone has done it and can share that would be great!

I took my two daughters last year and they loved it. I thought it was more interactive and more fun then the princess boutique. the employees were great and the girls made awesome pirates

Which package did you end up doing and how long did it take? We are taking our three kids on New Year’s day. I’m so excited!

my son can be super shy sometimes so I worry a bit about that

also do you pay when you make the ressie? Or when you get there?

About 30-45 minutes. You pay when you get there. I recommend bringing your own costumes. It’s perfect for shy littles too!

We were there in October and my three kids (DS12, DS10, DD6) all became pirates before MNSSHP. We brought our own costumes and had the best time. The CMs were awesome and we were all allowed- parents and grandmothers- to go in with the kids. The makeovers are in one large space that is a destination in itself. I felt as if I had literally stepped on set into Pirates of the Caribbean. Each pirate was announced to the room when they finished their makeover and everyone cheered. The new pirates then got to repeat a pirate oath and were taken to Captain Jack Sparrow’s room to look for treasure. There they were given keys, a medallion necklace and sword. The CMs were completely in character the entire time and made for an unforgettable experience. We were there for about 45 min total. We then used FP for Pirates of the Caribbean next door. It was an amazing part of our trip and was definitely worth the time and money. I had considered BBB for DD but was thrilled we did this instead. (Her fairy godmother did leave her a present one morning with all the necessities for a Belle makeover so she still was able be a princess too):slight_smile:

Wow, that sounds awesome! I know as a child, I would have LOVED this!

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