Pirate's League & BBB Question

DD6 has BBB at 9:50am DS8 as PL at 11:05 or 11:50 (I will drop one). I’ve read there is a place for pics for DD close to BBB after her makeover, then have FPP for Meet with Ariel while DS is still doing PL. Questions:

  • I’ve read that there is a pirate parade or tutorial after the PL but can’t find time for this, anyone know times?

  • If we walk over to adventureland, is there anywhere great for photopass opportunity for a good pic of them together? Or should they both go back to the photopass near BBB?


Yes! There is a place for pictures. They do a photoshoot, not just a couple of pictures. It’s at Castle Couture across the way.

I don’t have sons, so never done the pirate tutorial. I would think any FP photographer would take their picture anywhere on site.

There used to be a tutorial with Captain Jack Sparrow, but that ended about a year ago. You can look to see when Captain Jack is available for meet and greet though.

Thanks for the information!

How much time should I plan for the photo shoot? Is there typically a line there? Is it only for the BBB?

We had 2 people on front of us. It took about 20 minutes. It was very professional. I don’t know that you can just use it (they don’t check receipts but can clearly see if you’re done up). They did take some shots with my son and daughter together (son didn’t get anything done) so you should be able to get shots together.