Pirates League - 180 days out necessary?

Anyone know how necessary (if at all) it is to book PL 180 days out? I know I can, but is it crazy like BBB or am I safe waiting a few weeks after ADRs are booked, and I know I’m done changing them a million times (I know I’m not the only one, lol!) and we finalize our park plans etc…? If I need to be on it and call tomorrow I will, but if it doesn’t book up crazy fast I’d like to wait a week or two. Did PL a few years ago for DS and this year DD and he both want to do it (week of Nov 28). Thanks!

I booked Pirates League at 60 days out and had my choice of date and time. This is for a June 2016 trip, higher crowd day. It was much easier to book than BBB, in my limited experience.

That’s what I was hoping to hear! After all the ADR planning/getting up early to do it I need a break. Thank you.
I remember canceling/rescheduling PL for just my son 4 years ago morning of and it was no problem. Just wanted to make sure I was still in the loop, LOL!

Can you book it online or do you need to call?

You do have to call, just like with BBB. Which I find odd in 2016 lol.