Pirates and Pals or California Grill

I realize that these are two, totally different experiences, but my objective is to do something special (we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary) and improve our enjoyment of the MK fireworks. We are a party of 3 (me, DH, DD9) and will be visiting during the busiest time of year–Christmas week. I’m willing to splurge, but not on both. Thoughts?

Hi @jstagnaro,

I can’t comment on the Pirates and Pals cruise, but DH and I celebrated our 20th anniversary last September at the Cali Grill (along with our DS12). It was wonderful. Does your DD enjoy special meals and dressing up? The view from the balcony is lovely.

Yea,not much else in WDW compares to the California Grill experience! The Wishes soundtrack is piped in and synced perfectly.