Pirates and Pals Fireworks

Has anyone done this? Going in the spring with a 5 year old boy and an infant. I know it starts kind of late but thought it would be more manageable than going into the park to see the fireworks - thoughts?

Did this our first trip, with 3 / 5 yo. For us, it was a one and done experience. We liked it, but can’t say we loved it. Glad we did it once. With more reliance on the projections for the show now, not sure I would want this to be my only FW experience at MK. Desert buffet was OK, but it is a hotel Conference room environment, but is not the best. Boat ride was cool though.

My husband and I were given this as a gift. The check-in was a bit strange, The participants were there but the check-in people did not arrive until right before the event. There are a few photo opportunities while waiting to enter the “treats” room. We were given pirate head wraps to wear and then went into the dessert room. The desserts were really lacking. They had ice cream sandwiches that looked like they had been there awhile. Juice, bags of chips can’t remember what else. You take pictures with Captain Hook and Smee and they have a photographer available. I don’t know if you get the pictures as part of the package or if you have to buy photopass to download them because we did purchase the photo pass, Mr Smee played with the kids and captain Hook walked around while we were waiting to be escorted to the boat . There were candy gold coins given out or available to take. After the dessert party we met our host and were escorted to the boat. As we sailed we sang some songs and there were quizz questions. Each kid got a prize for answering the questions and some of the adults too.Then we watched the fireworks. We could hear the music so that was nice.Then we headed back. We met Peter Pan on the dock and got pictures with him. He was great with he kids. We had fun and it was cool but I would agree one and done. We wouldn’t consider taking our grand kids because we feel there are other things that might be a better value for the money.