Pirate Tutorial

Can you get a return time ticket for Jack Sparrow’s pirate tutorial? Saw something in the All Ears newsletter. Thanks!

the Pirate Tutorial is out in the open. Just check park times.

Anyone can watch from what I remember from when my son did it. However, a little pirate parade is included with the Pirate’s League reservation (the dress up/makeover thing) and the parade ends at the stage for the Tutorial.

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@Darth_DopeyD73, that’s what I thought but in the All Ears newsletter it referenced getting a return time ticket like the Frozen Sing-A-Long. Must be a mistake? Thanks for the info.

It could very well be something new, too. When are you going @wallygirl? I’ll be there in 10 days and I can do some recon for you.

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Headed there in 23 days. Have never done PT but would like to. If you think of it when you’re in that area of the park the info would be greatly appreciated! Hope you had a fantastic time! 10 days…woot, woot!

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@wallygirl, I think I found the confusion. In the AllEars newsletter, a comment refers to getting a return time for the Frozen sing-along “similar to Jack Sparrow.” They are referring to the Legend of Jack Sparrow at HS, not the Pirate Tutorial in MK. Temporary tourist just posted an article referencing the return times, I’ll post it below. (having a problem adding a link to this). Pirate tutorial is great, has several shows each day, you will love it!

@skrimp thanks for the clarification and the info!!

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I actually clicked on this topic because I thought @pirategirl was giving forum user lessons. Oops!

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Thanks @skrimp that’s what I had read earlier. Wonder how it works w/ a touring plan. Excited to see how this roles out especially for Soarin’!

Ok just saw your other reply @skrimp, that makes More sense b/c LOJS is indoor attraction. Never been, but good to know for future!

Saw this title snd thought we’d all get to learn to be pirates.(seriously disappointed I couldnt find a pirate emoticon! )

I heard only a couple of kids get picked for pirate tutorial? Do you sign up in advance like JTA?

@mjw, only 3 or 4 kids will actively participate in the show. If you want yours to do that, get there early, stand close to the stage and make sure he or she is enthusiastic! It also helps if they are wearing pirate attire of some sort. After the bulk of the show, they will invite the rest of the kids to get on stage and take the pirate oath. I think they get a certificate. It’s so cute!

will plan on going early with pirate league makeup. how early – more than 15 mins?

I would think 15-20 minutes would be fine.