Pirate League Questions

I am hoping to do Pirate League with my boys and husband in December. However, I really can’t find any information about it. I expect I can make reservations by calling Disney. Can anyone tell me where it is located, how long to schedule for it, etc? Thanks.

My son is scheduled Sunday 2/5. I found most of the information by using Google. When I called and set up the appointment they said to arrive 15 minutes early and to plan on 30 minutes. It is located near pirates of the Caribbean. I’ll post how he likes it when we get back.

That would be great. Have a wonderful time!

Was hoping to do this with my son as well. Do we need to make reservations in advance or can we do it in the park?

Yes you need to make a reservation in advance. I read it fills up,quick. 407-939-2739

Reservations for sure. Doesn’t go quite as fast as BBB, but still gets booked up.

Thanks everyone. Do you think 6 months ahead is far enough to book?

Back home today. Pirate league was ok. The girls that worked in the back were great. They were good at engaging my 3 1/2 year old and did a great job with the makeup. The people working in the front were a different story. When we arrived one stood in the doorway yawning and looking bored. When asked questions neither of them had any idea what was going on. We waited over 45 minutes for our reservation. My parents arrived after we were taken back, and the two in the front wouldn’t let them look to see if we were still there, or even tell them. It was ok. Once was fun, but wouldn’t do it again. Hope this helped, and enjoy your trip !

Thanks for the input. Too bad there wasn’t a little more engagement by the front staff. I hope you had a wonderful trip.