Pirate and Pals Voyage and HEA

Good morning!

I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experience with doing the Pirate and Pals voyage now that Happily Ever After is going on. Is the voyage still worth it? My kids love Peter Pan and my biggest regret from last time we went was that we didn’t get to meet him. I think they would absolutely love going on the voyage, but we are also early birds, not night owls, and I’m thinking this might be our only fireworks experience. In one scenario, I’m thinking of doing it arrival day. We are staying at BLT, so it would be easy to get back to our room afterward.

In another scenario, I’m thinking about doing the garden dessert party at MK. I haven’t compared the prices, but I’m sure they’re not too far off from each other.

What I’m not going to do is do both of them…I don’t think.

Has anyone done the Pirate and Pals cruise with HEA? Can you still get a lot of the “wow” factor from the water?

We are going in January 2019 if that matters.

Thank you!

Curious about this too!

Throwing something else out there - you can also (generally) meet Peter Pan on the Family Magic Tour - https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/events-tours/family-magic-tour/

He’s a surprise that appears as part of one of the clues.