Pirate Adventure Treasure Map Game - MK

We really enjoyed the Pirate Adventure game in the Magic Kingdom when we were there 3 years ago. I see that the hours are listed as only 12 pm - 6 pm. Is that accurate? I was hoping to be able to do the game in between our fast passes for BTMR and Splash, but that will be before noon, so are we out of luck? If we have magic bands and iphones is there any way to avoid having to visit the kiosk? Alternatively, if we go to the kiosk between 12-6, can we ask for more than 1 treasure map so that we can continue playing the game if we want when we return in the evening?

They have to ‘‘activate’’ the game on a magic band if I remember correctly. It’s called ‘‘Pirate of the seven seas’’ if you want to do more research on it.

I am pretty sure if you ask nicely they will give you all the maps but like I said I think each mission needs to be activated on a MB one at a time. I’m sure someone else here can confirm that.

I’m curious about this as well. And, can I add on a related question here? If one does the seven seas adventures and gets fast pass for PoC for completing two missions, is there a time frame in which that fast pass must be used? Is it any time that day? Thanks!

Anytime that day if I remember correctly

I do not remember what time it opened but there was a delay from park opening, we faced that hiccup in the plan last time we were there. 12noon might be right.

You can only play one game per magic band, so what you could do – we’ve never done it but you are giving me the idea! – is have each member of your group check in with his/her band and choose a different adventure. You could then do them all together – you would just need to keep track of which magic band to use for each map.

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The paper fast pass you get is good for POTC for anytime that day.


That is a good idea to activate one game per magic band! If we activated 4 games and had 4 treasure maps, do you think we could continue playing that evening on our return to the park, or does it no longer work after 6 pm? With our planning to take an afternoon break between 1-5, and trying to fit in a couple timed performances/shows (and since they are all pretty much after 11 am and before 5 pm), it is hard to fit in!

One more question – if we liked the Pirate adventure game, I figure we are likely to enjoy the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game as well. Is that a fair assumption? I’m trying to set aside 30 minutes or so for that game too. I’m having a hard time understanding it from the description I read, but it sounds like something my 7 and 9 year olds would enjoy.

on the game beyond 6pm, i do not know if the system remains activated. you wouldn’t be able to get the paper FPs because you have to go back to the sign up spot to show you completed the adventure and get the paper FPs from the CM. perhaps send an email Q on whether the system stays active after 6pm if you aren’t doing it for the FPs.

On comparison to Sorcerers, yes! But we find Sorcerers to take a little longer because its a bit more spread out. you could do it in 30 min i think but that would be all you would do

For the pirate adventure. Do you get one anytime pass per person playing? My husband isn’t getting into the park until later and I might do this by myself. Any chance they’ll give me two passes so that he can ride with me when he gets there?

I’ve only done it with the group playing together so I don’t know. The CM gives each member of the playing group a paper FP so I would think each person would need to be present. You could ask for an extra but probably should not plan on it.

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They will ask you how many are in your party and give whatever number you need.

We accidentally ended up with 8 for our family of four as my husband and I had split up with the kids and neither of us realized the other person got the fast passes.