Pirate Adventure Cruises

Ahoy liner-mateys! Considering one of the Pirate adventure cruises for DD7 this summer. I see there are 4 different resorts. Are they all about the same experience or is there one that surpasses another?

My daughter has done the one at POR the past two years, she really liked it both times. She was 9 & 10. Don’t know about the other resorts.

Thanks @Zinderella! Anyone out there whose kid(s) has/have done the one at the GF? We will be staying at Poly so thinking that one for proximity!

I think at @MagicMN has mentioned the one at GF before. She has said that her son really enjoys them. She may be able to provide some info.

Good morning! All three have a different story / theme. DS10 has done them all and continues to state they are about his favorite activity at WDW. He’s sad that he is out-growing them. We highly recommend!

They really are all great and for a first cruise I’d pick whichever was most convenient for you. They are not offered every day at every resort throughout the year, so check for your dates as well. He only has an opinion because he has done them all and he reads the unofficial guide (maybe he thinks everything should be ranked?)

You cannot go wrong! DS10 (Matthew) is also a Type 1 diabetic, which we really don’t stress over / he’s easy going about it. But the cast members were awesome, very attentive. I don’t know where they find these people, but they do a great job with the kids! I tip in cash and there are always 2 on the boat and 2 helpers on the dock. I give to all but for sure the CMs on the boat.

It’s fun to see the kids leave as individuals and come back as a crew of pirates! They really do have a great time!

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@MagicMN thank you! and thanks @jlyn for calling her out! I suppose I will call and see which one fits our dates! Thanks again!


What $ should I bring for tip, what did you tip?

To be honest, we did not tip anything additional. The end of the adventure didn’t really lend itself to offering either of the crew a tip.
But, if the opportunity presents itself, $5 each would be sufficient. There were 2 crew members on the adventure that my daughter was on.

How the adventure ended was this: They found a treasure chest that they opened and then scooped out a bag of gems for each child. They did this one by one so if you child is one not the very last kids getting a goodie bag, you’ve already started to break apart and leave the event. There was no natural point where you’d give the gratuity, unlike when a valet gets your car for you.