Pirate Adventure Cruise

Pirate Adventure Cruise looks like so much fun for a child on a “rest day.” Because the boats depart from Disney resorts rather than a park, does the child need park admission ticket on the day of the cruise? Also, are kids expected to wear life jackets? Do any travel on waters with gators?

No, the child would not need park admission. Life jackets are provided and worn by the kids. There could be alligators in any body of freshwater in Florida so yes, that is a possibility. My boys did the pirate cruise that left from Grand Floridian last year and they loved it!

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Do you know where the boat at the GF docked when looking for treasure. I guess what I’m asking, any beaches involved with the treasure hunt? Thanks

The dock that they leave from and return to is right behind where Gasparilla’s is located. That’s where the GF’s marina can be found.
The treasure hunt took place in the paved and landscaped area right around there.

It’s a traditional dock set up. There’s no beach/sand in that area.

I believe they stopped at each of the docks at the Poly, WF, & CR on that adventure.

It’'s a gamble to assume anything, but in light of recent events, I’d imagine that any closeness to the water (aside from being in the boat) would be avoided.

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I asked my son if he remembered going to any of the beaches and he said he thought he was at/near the beach at WL, but everything else was done at the marina for each location.

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Thanks, this information will help ease my wife’s mind.&make ds7 very happy ,that he will still get to do the pirates adventure @GF.!!!

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Thank you very helpful information! !!

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You’re welcome!

DD says she’d like to try the one at the Beach Club next time!

Ds had done the one at BC/YC last fall,and loved it.he asked to do it again this year so was thankful it was offered at GF.