Pinocchio 2022


Did not hold my attention.
Did not care for some of the changes that were made.
For the first time probably ever I did not care for Tom Hanks in a role.


I did like the movie. It may be the only Disney movie that didn’t make me cry. I am sad he sold all of those clocks and I didn’t get to buy one. Love, love those clocks.


I liked the movie as well. The clocks were a neat touch.

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I also loved the clocks! So many Easter eggs my kids had fun pointing them out. I was, however, very skeptical that the sale proceeds of all those clocks only amounted to that tiny boat.

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I’m interested in watching this one, but I’m kind of stressing out about it.

I love the original Pinocchio - it is a classic, after all. But it is also weird as hell. The whole Pleasure Island / salt mines thing is ridiculously disturbing, not to mention Stromboli and even Honest John. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare for their children.

But you kind of need all that disturbing stuff to have the ultimate contrast with the goodness of Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy, and to make Pinocchio’s turn to responsibility, honesty, and selflessness so meaningful.

I’m just very doubtful that a modern family movie can pull that off.

I usually am ok with remakes. At worst, they just remind you how good the original is and make you want to go watch it. At best, they can paint the original in a whole new light or take a whole new spin on the classic tale.

This remake looks pretty, and I like Tom Hanks and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - two of my favorite actors.

But Pinocchio just seems too difficult to get right and might have been better off left alone. I guess we’ll see what I think when I get a chance to watch it.

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DH and I just watched it. It’s a mixed bag. It’s been a few decades since I last saw the original movie. This was entertaining enough, but not great. For our UK friends, know that bollocks was said by a character.

This is rated PG. This does indeed have all kinds of nasty things that could scare children or be triggering. They did omit smoking and change the drink to root beer. I agree the ending was not quite as awesome as the original movie. I had a hard time understanding some of what Tom Hanks said in the early part of the movie - mumbling and/or quiet.

The clocks were fun, but all that blatant IP seemed a bit out of place. There were several words or names that give it a very modern feel, including humor for today’s audience such as namedropping Chris Pine as a punchline.


I actually disagree. I thought about it some when I was watching it, but in the end I thought it was a really cute and believable easter egg. He invented all these silly cuckoo clocks…why couldn’t some of his inventions been disney movie scenes?

I also just watched Pinocchio a two or three weeks ago. The films are different enough I could do that back-to-back basically and enjoy them both, but they aren’t as blatantly different as Dumbo was.


It has been 21st century-ized.

The original has never been one of my favorites, and this one won’t be either.

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I’m watching my way thru them all. I just watched Dumbo last night and I’m doing them in order. I think of the first four (Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia and Dumbo) it’s my least favorite but I still enjoy it. I think I liked the live action one a bit more this time around just because it was something new. However, Snow White still blew me away and I love the music in Fantasia and Dumbo is just too frikking sweet not to like. I think I’m about to come on all the conglomeration ones next which I know aren’t my favorite. Phew I just looked it up…Bambi is next…then it’s the not so great ones for a bit (Saludos Amigos, The Three Caballeros, Make Mine Music, Fun and Fancy Free, Melody Time, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) and the finally I’ll get a breather with Cinderella. LOL I don’t know what was up with Disney in the mid-late 40s but I’m guessing they were just recouping all that lost WWII money.


My family just got done doing this over the past year. The 40s are a slog but overall it was worthwhile and we all enjoyed each of the 60 films.

Of the first five, I rate them:

  1. Bambi
  2. Dumbo
  3. Pinocchio
  4. Fantasia
  5. Snow White

I like Snow White but it’s a little slow.


I’ll respond after I’ve rewatched Bambi but for me it’s 1) Snow, 2) Dumbo, 3) Fantasia and 4) Pinocchio

I don’t find Snow slow. It’s a bit more magical (LOTR) like to me.

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Agree a billion %.

Pinocchio 1940 … authentic. Pinocchio 2022 … manufactured

We watched it tonight - I enjoyed it! The kids thought it was scarier than the cartoon. :joy: Probably true. It was awkward at times, but overall beautifully done.

It’s worthwhile IMO to watch these live action versions to get a fresh take and rethink why the originals were made the way they were. But as is usually the case, I like the animated version of Pinocchio better.


Some things were definitely harder to watch with “real” people doing the bullying. Like when he gets kicked out of school after skipping there so happily - how mean! Also Honest John was really creepy as a CGI cat. Plus the whole villain adults preying on a minor (even if a wooden one) theme was disturbing with real people / 3D cats.

Some things were better live action style. Stromboli’s character was excellent! The way they showed how his puppet show was produced with people in the rafters was very cool. And the blue fairy was so sparkly and awesome we were disappointed there wasn’t more of her.

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I enjoyed it, but would probably have enjoyed watching the original just as much if this one hadn’t been made.

Luke Evans is always a treat to watch though :star_struck:

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