Pin Codes Questions

Does Disney still send pin codes? Have any of you ever received one? How can I increase the odds of getting one?

They do still send PIN codes. I’ve received many.

There are two factors that get you a PIN code:

  1. Getting on Disney’s database. They can’t send you one if they don’t know you exist and how to reach you.
  2. Qualifying as a target market that Disney is trying to entice with the PIN code.

The first is the easy part. Conventional wisdom is to get on Disney’s radar in as many ways as possible. Create an MDE account. Sign up for You get the idea.

As for the second… no one is privy to the criteria that Disney uses to determine who gets them. It could (and probably does) involve demographics. Maybe purchase history, various other factors.

You can’t control whether you fit into the category(s) that Disney is trying to reach. Two people could do the exact same things in the same way, and get different results if person A is a 40 year old white male from Canada and person B is a 58 year old Hispanic female from New Jersey.

This article may help…

That article is pretty bang on. The only thing I would add is this: the author really focuses his attention on Disney wanting to fill it’s hotels, cross referenced with targeting guests who are less likely to go without a code.

I think those two above points are accurate and logical (though Disney’s not confirming)… however, as far as I know, Disney hotels at this point are pretty much running at constant 100% capacity, or close to it. I think that Disney is trying to target guests that it’s analytics have determined will spend more. Not all guests are built the same, and I’m sure Disney is using demographics, geographics, psychographics and other considerations to get the most monetized value from every single guest, and the PIN code is part of that effort.

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I got one earlier this year that I so wanted to use but couldn’t. It was valid for 3 weeks starting the last week in April for Sun-Thurs nights, $69/night at the All Stars.

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You got one that was single resort specific?

It was for all the All Stars, but yes it was resort specific.

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I got one last year for Caribbean Beach specifically, when it was in the throes of construction and no one wanted to stay there- the discount made it the same price as a stay at Pop I already had booked. So far nothing for this year, when I have no trips booked… am hoping they will send one to make it irresistible :wink:

I’ll tell you what - if you go too much you stop getting them :laughing:


So frustrating isn’t it?

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False. But there certainly have been and will again be times that it is true.

We only go once a year, sometimes every two years. That must not be enough to flip the kill switch. What do you think, twice a year is what stops them, something like that?

I’ve looked at this closer, and you are right, technically. I had read that Disney occupancy is at or close to max, and this is correct, but max is not 100%… it’s more around 86% to 89%, a threshold that can’t realistically be passed within that industry. 100% can’t be reached as that would require a perfect Tetris matching of varying length stays in every room at every hotel at every moment, which is not possible.

Probably more than once in a year.

I just got a Pin code or Unique Offer Code. It looks like it is a slightly better deal than what Disney is offering. I got one last summer too that we used. I feel like I get them whenever we start constantly looking around on the site as we get ready to book.

Did this come as a printed mailing or via email? I have gotten printed mailings in the past that gives me a code tied to my name, but MVT agency exclusive rates have always been better than the special offer. Not sure that will be the case in the future thought. I may need to pay more attention to any of those mailings that come my way!

Annoyingly, when I get my PIN codes they’re tied to an old address. I I have no Disney profile that still has that address, yet somehow it lingers. I tried to have a CM change it, or at least tell me where it’s originating, but they couldn’t. I can still use them, but I have to call and have them manually change the reservation every time… long distance from Canada. You can’t afford a 1-800 number, Disney? Really?

I have received them as printed mailings, but the one that I just got this week was an email. I also had one sent as an email that we used last summer.

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I got one recently too, but it’s not as good as the passholder discount over the same time period. Not a very persuasive tactic.