Pin Code Happy Dance!

For the first time ever I got a pin code from Disney that we can use! I’m so thrilled, I’m a bit giddy. The code wouldn’t apply to our Beach Club reservation, but they had availability at Yacht Club for our dates, so we made the switch. I’ve been so hoping for any percentage off, so this just made my day. I apologize to those who don’t get these offers, but I knew my fellow Disney fanatics could appreciate and join me in my happy dance!

Congrats! And don’t be sorry you should be excited!

That’s great!! I keep getting them, but they’re for my sister. Grrr! She went with us in 2007 and I made all the reservations for her. Now I get pin codes in her name at least three times a year at my address and/or email.

That’s awesome. Congrats.

sorry but I’m new. can someone share a link or explain what PIN is? thx

nevermind i see the link !