PIN code email

I’ve searched this forum and didn’t quite find my answer - when one receives a PIN code from WDW via email, is it pretty obvious in the text? I’m hesitant to delete any emails from Disney in the fear that I had a PIN hiding that I just deleted. Also, do the codes only come in the emails regarding the park/resort or could I possibly find a PIN in an email from Disney Stores??

I would like to not feel like I have to scour my emails with a fine toothed comb if it’s not necessary :slight_smile: I know I can always call and ask as well.


When you get it, you’ll know. It’s not in any way hidden in those emails, and it won’t be buried in emails other subjects. It won’t come in emails from the Disney Store, or movie rewards, or anything like that.

For what it’s worth, my last one came on 10/1/15 from "" and said “BE SURE TO MENTION YOUR UNIQUE OFFER CODE”.