Pin Backs?

We spent a lot on pins at the parks. Still using the original rubber backings. What are your favorite secure pin backs? Reading reviews online that the screw type damage the pin posts and another type that doesn’t work…I don’t know what to get.

I will be picking up the locking pin backs this trip for a few of my most important pins.

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The screw backs and the ones that look like thumb tacks will definitely damage your pins. The ones that require the tool are your best bet.

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Are you buying at the park? I asked at the pin stands, but they didn’t have anything.

I thought the tool was the screw on? There is a little screw and an Alan wrench. Or is there another type?

They are always with the pins. I’ll let you know where I see them today. At the very least I think you’d find them at the pin store at DS