My youngest boy age 8 is obsessed with pigs. He wants to meet piglet. I have been researching and the only place I find you can meet him is at a character meal at Crystal Palace. We already have our dining reservations and it doesn’t include the Crystal Palace. Does anyone have any recent experience meeting Piglet anywhere else? He will be so disappointed if he doesn’t get to meet him. I did search the reservation system and the only times available are 2;15 and 2;45, which really messes with out day. Any help. Thanks

Are you going during any of the parties? I think I have seen Piglet meeting at some of the parties.

I’d use the reservation finder here to search for a time that does work with your plans. If the rest of the family isn’t interested in the Hundred Acre gang then maybe it could be just the two of you, which might be an easier reservation to get, as well.

According to Kenny the Pirate’s master list, the only other place to see Piglet is at the two parties, MNSSHP and MVMCP. That’s a great site for all things related to meeting characters.

We are not going to any of the parties. I went to Kenny the Pirates website as well, but I caught some info on another website that mentioned you sometimes see Piglet elsewhere. I was wondering if anyone else, recently, saw Piglet elsewhere. Thanks

Unfortunately, seeing a character during an “unscheduled” appearance is an all-but-nonexistent event at WDW these days. I’m afraid the ideas already suggested are really your only options to see Piglet. Character sightings used to be a little more random and eccentric but with crowds only increasing along with other factors, Disney is moving away from that and has become very “by the book” with having a certain character in a certain spot at a certain time.

Thank you for the suggestion. I did that and a reservation opened up at 4:35. Not the best time for dinner, but it will work fine. Thank you for making my youngest trip. He was so disappointed when I told him he wouldn’t see piglet. Now it will be a surprise.


I’m so glad it worked out for you! :smiley: