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Hooray! I’m so glad!


I am so happy for you!!!


I don’t know about normal but I do that. Congrats on snagging those!


So I’m curious, are you now going to cancel the tour that includes FOP and the other big attractions?

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That is a wonderful sight!!!

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Yes. The VIP thing is redundant for me now.

It includes FOP, which I now have.

And KS — but I’ve booked the Wild Africa Trek, which is KS ultra.

And Dino and EE, which are easy to get FPPs for.

And ROL, which I don’t care about.

And Na’vi — which I’m going to have to get in line for. But my plan is to go last thing at night, when the line will be short. I hope.


Awesome. Sounds like it worked out perfectly for you.

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Glad you got your fast pass

Don’t forget you can ride EE as a single rider. DH won’t ride it so I usually ride is as a single rider.

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I am enjoying all your changes and changes and changes.

I admit I am NOT one to make changes. We actually don’t have a FP for FOP this trip, and I’m not even stressed. I figure we will work it out…we have the tours and meals planned, the rest is a bonus.

Then again this is my 3rd trip in 6 months and I’ll be back in 78 more days. (Unless I can sneak in another trip in the middle of that!)

Yay for getting the FPs you wanted! Although, that tour looks AWESOME. I had planned to book it, but waited too long. Whoops!

I don’t know if it’s normal, but it’s very prudent. What if there was a system problem? You’d want to get on top of that. In fact, I’d have a screen print of all my FPPs just in case.

I also verify my hotel reservations and my flights on a regular basis. I’ve had stuff screw up on me a couple of times (okay, only flights, but still) and I just don’t want to take a chance with hard won deals and finalized plans.

Also, if I realize I’ve made a mistake I will still have time to rectify it. Like the time I thought I got a great rental rate for our vacation only to realize a week later that I got that great rate a month too early. :roll_eyes: