Picture from SDD?

Looking through our memory maker pictures and we don’t have one of us from SDD, which we rode twice on 7/21…we were wearing our magic bands but no love :frowning: Is it just not working? Did anyone else get a pic?

Looking through my Memory Maker for the first time and we have some from 7/20 and 7/17 that came through. Although we rode it twice each day and I only saw one set of pictures - not sure if I missed the other set or it was working 50% of the time just yet…

We rode it 3 times on our recent trip but only had one photo come through.

We had problems last month and had to go to the photo stores in each park and have some added to our account. DD would have her MB scanned and the MM was on my band so we had to have some forced. When I got home I found 5 pictures of people I don’t know on our MM.

I contacted Disney and they looked into it and were not able to get the pictures from either of our SDD runs :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: