Picnic at Epcot

My Epcot day is full day. I’ve tried to cram a lot into a day. I don’t want to schedule a break for dinner because it would mean having to drop rides. I was thinking that while we were enjoying the Disney on Broadway Concert, we could have a picnic dinner.

Is it possible to get take out food from a QS restaurant? I’m hoping for actual containers with lids so I could put it in my backpack and take it with me.

My preference would be QS because of the budget, but alternatively would a TS restaurany alow me to walk up and place a To Go order?

I can’t tell you if take out comes with lids or not, but their are many QS restaurants and snack stands that you can take your food anywhere you wish. There aren’t a lot of so called picnic tables in Epcot, but there are many places to sit. Of coarse QS is just that, kind of like a McDonalds. In Epcot one of our favorites is in the Land pavilion which is kind of a cafeteria. Every country has a food stand as well. Here again I don’t know how portable the food is but I am sure some of the offerings are wrapped for on the go. Hope this helps

I can’t recall ever seeing takeout containers from quick service. Depending on what you ordered, you might be able to put food in Ziploc bags you brought from home to transport in your backpack.

Every QS I’ve gone to in Epcot will give you a lid for take out. Just let them know when you’re ordering that you’re taking it to go.

Thanks Disney 1974

TheKarenD ziploc will be my back up plan.

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Disney QS places have the environment-friendly paper to-go containers. The non-Disney owned places might have something different. There’s might be special containers for specific items such a cupcakes. Usually no to-go containers at festival booths. I went with my friend who pretty much never finished a meal and she was able to get something everywhere.

I second the ziploc idea. Some foods may be better for take out than others. I got a hot dog in MK that was in a foil pouch and put it in my bag to eat while walking. Starbucks may have prepackaged foods.

Virtually all QS places, by definition, are “take out” because you pick up your food at a window or counter and then find some place to eat it. As far as I know, there is no “take out” from any of the TSs.

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